Coming out as a Lesbian

Lesbian Definition: A Homosexual Woman


Coming out as a Lesbian is often faced with a sea of doubt “You just haven’t met the right guy yet!” But little do they know, it’s not a guy that you need or want. Aside from the common pre-conceptions, we forget that lesbians can look and act however they please, after all everyone is unique. 

Our Lesbian Coming Out stories feature amazing LGBTQ+ members who are proud of their lesbian identity.

Kayley and Tiara Coming Out Story

As a couple in the Midwest, the process of coming out doesn’t exactly have an end to it. From family members to coworkers to new friends, coming out happens often.When growing up, Tiara didn’t necessarily have to come out to her family, as she had always been pretty...

Jake Santos’ Coming Out Story

I’m Jake, originally from Brazil and I live in the Netherlands. My coming out wasn’t easy, I always had feelings for girls but I was always scared to come out. Maybe you are asking why? I am a Brazilian Woman as I already mentioned. Brazil is the number one country...

Erin Mclin’s Coming Out Story

*cue Diana Ross*Alright all my baddies it’s time to share my coming out story! The good, the bad, and the ratchet! To set the stage I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and raised by my mother who was the sweetest and she always taught me to be myself and love...

Zoe Stoller’s Coming Out Story

I actually have 2 coming out stories — first, I came out as a lesbian in November 2016. Then, I came out as genderfluid this past April 2020.Both of my coming out stories are very technology-based, which makes sense given that I’m a millennial (and right on the cusp...

Ally Byer’s Coming Out Story

Unlike many queer youth, I was lucky enough to have a pretty “easy” coming out story. Not that coming out is ever easy for anyone, but the reality is that homophobia from family is a fear for a lot of queer people, but it was never for me. My Aunts are gay. I grew up...

Coming Out Lesbian

Being a lesbians means that yourself are a woman & that you are only attracted to women. The official definition is a homosexual woman, so it’s the female version of the term gay. Lesbian’s are often stereotyped to be feminists, hate all men & are butch. But this is far from the case, many of us lesbian’s struggle to come out because we don’t fit these made up myths. The truth is, lesbians can come in any shape or forms & still be a lesbian. There is no right way to be a sexual identification label.

Within this section of Unite UK, you will come across stories from other lesbians within the LGBTQ+ community. They have came out to their family & friends and have faced discrimination, judgement & so much more. But the satisfaction of coming out, is a powerful & moving experience. So, please. If you think you’re a lesbian but are to scared to come out or are still struggling to figure it out. Read these lesbian coming out stories as you may relate to what these women are going through. If after reading these stories, then we are can help. We run an active Instagram account & check our emails hourly, you’re not alone!