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Unite UK is an LGBTQ+ Blog that allows you to embrace who you are. As LGBTQ+ activists and as members of the community, we aim for equality, pride & love to be shared with all of our posts.


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Read Stories of individuals coming out to family & friends. Learn how they dealt with the pressures & how they overcame their worse fears.

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We cover a range of topics to bring attention to problems, issues & general topics all within the LGBTQ+ community.

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Let’s celebrate the amazing individuals in the LGBTQ+ community and showcase their amazing work!

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Sometimes we write about…

Celebrating 2017 – LGBTQ+ Edition

It's nearly the end of 2017, so what better way to celebrate it than looking back over our accomplishments and downfalls we've had throughout the year? And while we're at it, why not celebrate some of our own people within the community. So what can you expect in this...

Being LGBTQ+ at Christmas

You're gay and it's Christmas time. It shouldn't be any different... right? For some, it doesn't change and we enjoy the holidays just like anyone else.  But for others, it's a different story. How!? Well, join us in looking at why being LGBTQ+ at Christmas can change...

5 LGBTQ+ Bloggers You NEED To Check Out!

There are blogs for everything. Fashion, cars, makeup & even blogs about hamsters! Millions of us do it. But more importantly, there are amazing LGBTQ+ bloggers out there (Apart from our amazing selves) bringing attention to the community & spreading love and...