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Why do I feel excluded from the lgbtq+ community?

When we picture the lgbtq+ community, I used to picture a community that supported each other no matter what. But I'm quickly learning that within our own community lies all the qualities we shun society for. Forming before our own eyes are communities,...

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Butch is NOT a dirty word

Being seen as butch for years has been considered an insult, it’s common to describe a masculine woman as butch or a dyke. It’s this reason why the LGBTQ+ community has refrained from using such terminology until now. We got to speak to Esther Godoy who is...

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What is my sexuality? Take our sexuality quiz!

When it comes to our sexuality, we often spend months if not years trying to understand the emotions we feel. Sexuality is a whole can of worms & many LGBTQ+ members struggle finding a label that fits. But our sexuality quiz helps all of those...

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