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Unite UK is an LGBTQ+ Blog that allows you to embrace who you are. As LGBTQ+ activists and as members of the community, we aim for equality, pride & love to be shared with all of our posts.

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Is Non Binary a trend, or is it real?

Gender has become a hot topic, with many media outlets having their own spin on the discussion of gender. I have many views & thoughts surrounding the gender topic. So, I thought I'd share my views as a cisgender woman but as well, an advocate for the...

Do we need identity labels anymore?

Straight, lesbian, pangender, genderfluid, these are just a few of hundreds of identity labels that are out there. I guess these labels are used to give ourselves a sense of identity, belonging & to help others understand who we are & who we love. For many...

12 LGBT+ Individuals making a difference

When you think of the LGBTQ+ community, what do you think of? For me, I picture a bunch of amazing & strong minded individuals pushing boundaries for a more diverse and equal world. Within this world, there is too much hate, judgement and discrimination....


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