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What is Unite UK?

Unite UK is an LGBTQ+ Blog that allows you to embrace who you are. As LGBTQ+ activists and as members of the community, we aim for equality, pride & love to be shared with all of our posts.


Coming Out Stories

Read Stories of individuals coming out to family & friends. Learn how they dealt with the pressures & how they overcame their worst fears.

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We cover a range of topics to bring attention to problems, issues & general topics all within the LGBTQ+ community.

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Let’s celebrate the amazing individuals in the LGBTQ+ community and showcase their amazing work!

Sometimes we write about…

12 LGBT+ Individuals making a difference

When you think of the LGBTQ+ community, what do you think of? For me, I picture a bunch of amazing & strong minded individuals pushing boundaries for a more diverse and equal world. Within this world, there is too much hate, judgement and discrimination....

Trans Visibility Day 2018

Trans Visibility Day - A day to celebrate the trans community and those involved with it. So, to showcase how amazing & beautiful the transgender community is. We asked you guys to help us show how amazingly beautiful you are. We created this video & I...

Is your child too young to understand their sexuality?

When it comes to sexuality, we know from a young age that we aren't like the other kids. It's a common statement for many LGBTQ+ individuals to state they've known they were gay from a young age. But at that point in our lives, we are under our parents' control. Our...

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