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What is Unite UK?

Unite UK is an LGBTQ+ Blog that allows you to embrace who you are. As LGBTQ+ activists and as members of the community, we aim for equality, pride & love to be shared with all of our posts.


Coming Out Stories

Read Stories of individuals coming out to family & friends. Learn how they dealt with the pressures & how they overcame their worse fears.

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We cover a range of topics to bring attention to problems, issues & general topics all within the LGBTQ+ community.

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Let’s celebrate the amazing individuals in the LGBTQ+ community and showcase their amazing work!

Sometimes we write about…

Is your child too young to understand their sexuality?

When it comes to sexuality, we know from a young age that we aren't like the other kids. It's a common statement for many LGBTQ+ individuals to state they've known they were gay from a young age. But at that point in our lives, we are under our parents' control. Our...

I Refuse To Be Discriminated

Discrimination, judgement, homophobia, all things an LGBTQ+ individual will have to deal with sometime in their life. Whether it be in school, work, family or even just in day to day life. We can experience discrimination at any point of our life, which isn't right....

LGBT History Month

Being LGBT isn't a new trend that's just recently happened, we have been here for years. Within our lifetime, some important events have happened to push the movement leaps & boundaries. There are many blogs & news articles that highlight these events & celebrate...

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