Are you trying to figure out your sexuality? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here you will find stories of LGBTQ+ individuals who all came out to family & friends.

Coming Out Gay

Do you think you identify as gay? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. Why not check out stories of individuals going through the same thing as you!

Coming Out Lesbian

Identifying as a Lesbian means your solely attracted to women. Do you think this applies to you? Check out the stories of strong amazing women coming out lesbians!

Coming Out Transgender

Transgender means you don’t identify with your birth gender & want to start the process of transitioning to the correct gender. Check out the amazing stories of those who have started the process to become there true selves.

Coming Out Bisexual

Are you bisexual? Many of us think being bisexuality is a transition stage, which couldn’t be more wrong. Read stories of bisexual individuals who are real & valid.