When it comes to acceptance and loving ourselves, sometimes we can be our own worst critics. Our journeys can include many dark and hard paths which make us believe that we’re worthless. Coming out as a lesbian, I was ashamed and for a long time believed I wasn’t worth love, happiness or success. Over a period of four years, I’ve had to learn to love myself, my sexuality and celebrate who I am as a person (A big femme lesbian!)

This quiz has been created to highlight if you’re truly accepting yourself or if you need to devote more love in your direction. Whatever the outcome, just know you’re worth everything. Being gay isn’t going to change your worth or value, always remember that.

Do you accept yourself? – LGBTQ Edition


Woop! You averaged a score of 60% or above, which means you’re on the right path to loving yourself. Self-love is a journey of self-acceptance and understanding, we recommend you’re always looking for new ways to fall in love with yourself.

But for now, relish the fact that you’re doing an amazing job in being you. Celebrate everything about yourself and never allow anyone to tell you differently.

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Don’t worry! You averaged a score below 60%, which means there is some work to do when it comes to self-love.

What this quiz aims to highlight is the path to self-love and acceptance. If you’re receiving this message, it’s not a bad thing, it just means we need to learn to love ourselves!

A great way to start is just to simply say one nice thing about yourself. Do you like your hair? Your eye colour? From there, add one little thing per day and in no time you will have a list full of amazing things about yourself.

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#1. Do you base your worth on how others see you?

#2. Do you care if people know you’re LGBTQ+?

#3. Are you proud to be LGBTQ+?

#4. Do you wish you weren’t LGBTQ+?

#5. Does your sexuality hold you back?

#6. Do you worry your sexuality will change peoples views?

#7. Can you name 3 things you love about yourself?


What did you get? Let us know in the comments below & let’s talk about why you’re not 100% accepting yourself!

It’s important to understand that our quiz isn’t 100% accurate and some questions many not truly represent you. But what we hope this quiz starts is the process of self loving & acceptance. As LGBTQ+ members we are overly critical and harsh on ourselves, due to no fault of our own. But we need to remind ourselves we hold so much power, we are worth everything & that our sexuality doesn’t determine whether we can be happy.

Just know, you are always going to have your LGBTQ+ family to remind you why you’re special. Always be humble and love those around you.

Charlotte Summers

Editor / Founder of UUK

Self love is something I’ve struggled with for years, accepting I’m a gay woman took years. But I am so proud to tell everyone that I’m a lesbian & proud. My journey has many dark and scary turns, but i’ve learnt to love and embrace my flaws. Hopefully this quiz can start that process and journey of self love.

Charl xx

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