I have always been attracted to boys but have never had the opportunity to go through it until college. College brought me a lot of new experiences, the stress of exams, nightclub outings, parties with friends. But more specifically a special bond with a best friend I had. A beautiful 1.80m brown boy who looked very manly. I was still living with my mother at that time, so my best friend got to know my mother who adopted him immediately. After graduation my “best friend” continued to sleep at my place, which did not leave my mother indifferent.


“Happiness is more important than sexual orientation or religious choice”


I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where happiness is more important than sexual orientation or religious choice. So, it is natural that my mother sat next to me one day to ask me if I had slept with my best friend. At first, I was speechless. I did not know what to say, caught between the shame of being “different” from my brother and cousins. The embarrassment of speaking about sexuality with my mother and the relief of not having to take the first step.

After revealing to her that, yes, I had indeed slept with him. My mother took me in her arms and told me that only my happiness mattered, that whether with a man or a woman she should not have anything to say. I am aware of how lucky I was. Unfortunately, today still some people are not as lucky as I am and end up in the streets because of a different sexual orientation.


“Oh my fucking god, he’s GAY”.


The funniest part of my coming out was when I announced to my best friend that I was in a relationship with this boy. We are very close to each other, I consider her as my sister. So, her opinion was very important to me. One day during one of our private evenings, I dropped in the conversation that I was gay between a “you still want wine? and “what should we watch on TV?” “. Her answers were “yes”, “okay” and “I do not know”.

The funny part was not on the very moment but the next day. It took her 24 hours to process the information. In the middle of the meal at the restaurant she put down her fork and knife and dropped an “Oh my fucking god, he’s GAY”. everyone turned at her without understanding the reason behind her sentence, it was just hilarious. After this meal she took me aside to tell me that she was happy for me and that she would always be there for me.


“Will my model friends not change their behaviour when they find out that I am gay?”


Being so well surrounded helped me to handle it and not to be ashamed of being “different”. I had trouble confessing my sexuality to my professional environment, I did not know how my agent and my workmates (models), would react. Will I continue to have contracts? Will my model friends not change their behaviour when they find out that I am gay?

Today, Monaco chose me as muse to represent the gay community of the principality allowing me to be seen in the whole world. I am very proud to be. When I shoot or run, my friends laugh and have fun with me as much as before. I even opened the door to another friend who had not yet came out and whose coming out has been as well-received as mine. 

Today my family and friends are still there for me and continue to support me, my best friend and I have stayed together for 7 years and this is just the beginning.