From the age of 12, I questioned my identity and sexuality. I always felt as though I was different from my family and friends, I wrote my mum a note saying “I’m a lesbian” and she just said “but you like boys” so I replied “I’m bisexual then” and that conversation really stuck with me for a long time.

In my teenage years, I had a boyfriend and I’d been fascinated by him shaving his facial hair or having hairy legs and wearing shorts and being able to walk around topless, now I realise that I was more envious that I couldn’t do these things. When I was about 17 I watched a series called “my transsexual summer” in 2011 and my brain constantly thought about these people and I never knew that there was such a thing as being transgender because we are not taught about it. I never understood what it meant, so I kept all these feelings inside because I was so scared of what would happen.

I was obsessed that someone so close was changing their identity

In 2015 I was 22 and my friend came out as transgender and I was obsessed that someone so close to me was changing his identity, I met my partner and would talk about transgender people and movies to her and to be honest she realised I was transgender before I even had to say anything.

I came out as transgender in December 2015 because I finally found someone who believed in me and I have to say it was a weight off my shoulders, I could finally breathe. I’m now 25 and I have legally changed my name and gender, I had top surgery in August 2017 and I am finally on testosterone as of the 13th of December 2017, and have walked into 2018 feeling like a real man.

The road gets tough and there will be people that don’t understand you and will give you a hard time but make sure you have patience with loved ones, its a transition for them too.


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