To the left is a photo of me the year I came out as FTM transgender, 2015. Until then it was just my mum and two close friends who knew about it. 2012 was the year I first talked with anyone about it, but then I was very insecure and afraid to regret, so I kept on trying to live in the body I was born with.

That was until the middle of 2014 when I understood that “the easy way” turned out to be the most difficult way. I got more and more sure about who I was – and what I had to do to be myself. First I talked to my mom about how I felt, but it wasn’t easy to say the right words. Actually, I didn’t manage to say a word at all. Just silence. Then my mom asked, “Is this about something we’ve been talking about before?”, referring to 2012. I nodded, and then the long silence didn’t matter at all, I knew this was going to be all right. I was right.

My whole family has been such great supporters, and although it was a bit difficult for them to get used to, they all respected it and were just happy for me. That summer, in 2015, I was at Oslo Pride with a bunch of good friends.  What a perfect time to tell these friends about it. So I did. The reaction couldn’t have been better; they all immediately started to discuss what name would suit me and stuff. I had the time of my life.

The week after I was at this Harry Potter-summer camp where we were roleplaying and usually going by “miss” and “mister”. After one day at the camp I couldn’t stand getting called “miss” anymore, or she or her… it was all wrong. So I talked to one of my best friends (who also was in the crew there) and told her all about it, and then asked for her to tell the others in the crew. She did, and the rest of the week all I heard was “mister”, he and him. It was the most wonderful feeling in the whole world. It felt so right! Hearing all my best friends and people I adore calling me Jonas and by the pronouns he/him, I can’t describe how amazing it felt. It was like being reborn. Right after I changed my name on Facebook, and then everyone knew.

To the right is a photo of me, four months on Testosterone.

I’m lucky to never have experienced any kind of negativity about me being transgender. Only kind words and respect. I’m so grateful for all of my friends and family, because of them my coming out experience was wonderful. Blessed.

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