Why is the LGBTQ+ Community Against’s It’s Own People?

The LGBTQ community is full of loving and caring individuals who make you feel at home and accepted. But there is another side to the LGBTQ community that I am seeing more and more of. This side is our own actual members of the community discriminating against our own people. Not only does this baffle … Continue reading Why is the LGBTQ+ Community Against’s It’s Own People?


What is Asexuality?

What actually is asexuality? Asexuality is a sexual orientation characterized by a persistent lack of sexual attraction toward any gender When individuals hear the term 'Asexual' they may think that it means abstaining from sex, hating sex or are just plain against the idea of sex. But this is not the case. Although asexuals experience a … Continue reading What is Asexuality?

3030 Interview

I’m excited to announce the collaboration and the release of the 3030 series, which is available to watch on Revery on the 30th of June. 3030 Series is a 30-minute sitcom web series centred around plutonic lesbian roommates in modern day Las Vegas. When I first found out this amazing project was happening, it’d made … Continue reading 3030 Interview