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This section of Unite UK will discuss all things mental health related. With advice from trained professionals & people who have battled with mental health problems. It’s ok not to be ok.

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With mental health affecting millions of us, we should not feel ashamed of our emotions. You’re not alone in this endless battle & here you will find others facing the same demons as yourself.

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Mental Health Blog Posts

Feeling Suicidal Advice & Tips – LGBTQ+ Edition

Feeling Suicidal? Don’t despair, help is available Life can be stressful, dealing with events such as your sexuality or gender, bullying and harassment, discrimination, unemployment, accommodation worries, relationship problems, alcohol and drug misuse....

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Beating Depression – LGBT+ Edition

Does every film seem to have a beautiful woman and a charming man falling in love? Where are the strong and stunning lesbians in perfume adverts? Or the brave and handsome homosexuals on the front cover of mainstream magazines? When is the last time you...

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5 Tips on how to cope with anxiety

Anxiety is something that many of us on a daily basis have to face. For me, I sometimes struggle with the most basic of tasks, overthink everything to the point of no return and get myself so worked up it's silly. But, anxiety is very real & has a large...

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