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What is Unite UK?

Unite UK is an LGBTQ+ blog that covers a range of topics such as, gender, sexuality, identity and all things gay. We’re not trying to be anything else but a source of information & help.

How do i feature on Unite UK?

We are constantly having guest bloggers and special on Unite UK. We love to share your stories & celebrate the creativity in the community. If you want to guest blog on Unite UK, then check out our guest blogger section.

If you would like to share your coming out story or develop our project with us, send us an email & we’ll get back to you shortly!

Can I have a shoutout?

We do not give out free shoutouts. Unite UK is here to help the LGBTQ+ community, not to promote your social media page or product. If you want to work with us, we are open to all suggestions.

Can I advertise on Unite UK?

Recently we have opened our website up to advertisements. If you’re interested in advertising on Unite UK, then get in touch. With thousands of viewers per month, we would love to help LGBTQ+ businesses & bloggers gain the recognition they deserve.

Are you counsellors?

We are not counsellors, we will never give you false & harmful advice. As lgbt+ members we can only talk about our own experiences. If you come to us with situations we cannot deal with, we have formed alliances with medical professionals who we will direct you too. Due to laws and regulations, we cannot give you medical advice or counselling as we simply do not have the qualifications. However, we will help you out & you won’t be alone if we can’t directly help you.

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