Let us answer all of your questions!

What is Unite UK?

Unite UK is an lgbtq+ blog ran by two queer women, Charlotte & Aislinn. We strive ourselves on being a source of information, guidance and support for all members of the lgbtq+ community. You will find stories of lgbtq+ members from all over the world, identifying as different sexuality and genders.

To read amazing content from lgbtq+ activist around the world, check out our blog posts & our new section called queer voices. Where members of the lgbtq+ community have the opportunity to share their voice with the world.

How do i feature on Unite UK?

If you’d like to feature on Unite UK as a guest blogger, check out Queer Voices. If you’re an lgbtq+ business or brand who want to promote your service or products. Please drop us a line via our contact page & we will be in touch shortly!

Can I advertise on Unite UK?

We do accept advertisements, sponsored blog posts / social media posts as well as unique requests. However, this service is not free & if you’d like to advertise on Unite UK. Please request our media kit via our contact page!

Are you counsellors?

We are not counsellors. We are lgbtq+ activists that are passionate about bringing equality through our own experiences. Over the years, we have established connections with mental health & sexual health nurses. If we ever feel like we cannot help, we will refer you to someone will the qualifications.

Saying this, we will never let someone be alone & will try our best to help in any situation.