1. How do I feature on your site?

There are many ways to do this, blog posts, interviews, coming out stories and so on… if you’re interested and want to be featured. Get in touch!

2. I submitted my content, when will I be featured?

Most posts will have a launch date, if you want to know when, just ask.

3. I have gotten involved & haven’t been featured on any social media?

Unite U.K. appreciates anyone that who has gotten involved & you will be featured one way or another.


However if you haven’t shared you have been involved with us on your social media, we will only feature you on ‘Instagram Story’.

We are aware there are different circumstances, so let us know if you can’t show off you’ve been involved.

3. Can I repost any of your content?

Of course you can, just make sure to credit us!

4. Can I add links back to my social media?

Yes yes yes! We want to show of your work.

The only condition we have is that you return the favour and ‘back link’ back to Unite U.K.

If you are unsure how to do this, just drop us a line and we’ll help out!