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Unite UK is always welcoming of those who want to write for us. As an LGBTQ+ blog, we talk about anything within the community that we feel needs attention or it affects us personally. But our views don’t speak for the millions of LGBTQ+ individuals, so we open our blog for others to join in and have their say.

This is where you can get involved. As a guest blogger, you can talk about anything within the LGBTQ+ community you want to discuss. We are open to all idea’s and would love to work a number of LGBTQ+ bloggers, creators and artists.

How to become a guest blogger

1. Submit your post

Below is a contact form that can be filled out with your post to feature on Unite UK. Please answer all the required fields & within the next month your post will appear on Unite UK. We will notify you a week prior to your post going live.

2. Length

For your post to feature on Unite UK, you need to included a minimum of 500 words. Anything less will not be featured & we will ask you to expand your post. Additionally, your author bio will not equate to the 500 words… don’t try be sneaky 😉

3. Pictures/Video's

If you would like to include pictures, videos or gifs in your post. Please email with all the related content you would like included within the post.

4. Topics

As stated previously, we are open to a variety of topics & conversions. However, if we consider something to be offensive we will notify you that we do not feel comfortable featuring it on Unite UK. If you want to write a controversial post, please get in touch with us prior to writing.


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