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Dear Homophobe, Read This

So many people say that LGBTQ+ people are defensive, quick to close anyone down with different views and won’t accept those with different views to them. But let me tell you why, How I live my life, doesn’t affect your judgemental ass anyway. Whoever I choose to love,...

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A lesson in Sexual Health – LGBTQ+ Edition

Today, I'm going to give you a lesson in something most schools don't teach you. You see, in the UK most schools and colleges avoid the topic of sex. You get a 5-minute chat about the birds and the bees and that's it, you discover the rest on your own....

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The Progression in LGBTQ+ Media

Every day we spend hours watching our favourite TV shows, Netflix series or YouTube channels. Media is absorbing all of our time and we develop strong emotional bonds with characters. When Alison in Teen Wolf died (spoiler alert, sorry) I was an emotional...

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Conforming to Society VS Being You

We often get told "do whatever makes you happy", but what they forget to mention is that it's within reason. How do you be happy when society is telling you that who you are is a trend or you're in a phase? How can you be happy in a world where you have to...

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Travelling whilst being LGBTQ+

Travelling whilst being LGBTQ+ can actually be a nerve-wracking experience. In 2017, it was reported that in 74 countries it's still classified as illegal to be gay and in 12 homosexuality is punishable by death. Yeah, you get killed for being gay, it's...

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Experiencing transphobic bullying at work

Workplace bullying can come in many different forms. Whether it's verbal or physical, all are just as important. Many LGBTQ+ members experience discrimination, bullying and judgement for their lifestyle. Luckily for us, there are rules and regulations in...

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