Meet The Team


The faces behind Unite UK

Charlotte & Aislinn

Aislinn & Charlotte

Charlotte formed Unite UK in January 2017. With a passion for the LGBTQ community, she wanted to make a difference. Unite UK started off as a small blog and has transformed into an ever-growing platform worldwide.

Charlotte then asked Aislinn (Ash) to help out, now Ash is the co-founder of Unite UK & helps in daily tasks to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Charlotte – Owner/Founder18119298_10208729811863967_3282224055018508208_n

I am so happy with how Unite UK is developing. Coming out as bisexual, my sexuality has been confused, questioned & ignored. This platforms gives myself & others the voice to express how we feel, no matter the outcome. I’m super excited to see where Unite UK will take myself and Ash, it’s one big amazing journey & I can’t wait to go on it!

Aislinn – Co-Founder

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When Charlotte discussed the idea of Unite Uk to me, I was so excited to be involved with something that can and will help those affected. We have both been lucky with our situations whilst coming out & the reactions we got. But we are so aware that this isn’t the case for everyone.

I’m super excited to see where this will take us & I can’t wait to go on this journey with Charl.