We are super proud of all the amazing coming out stories we’ve shared over the years. Every week we feature a brand new coming-out story from an LGBTQ+ member from around the world and over the years we’ve had some heartwarming stories that want to re-share with you all.

Will Wilhelm

Will shared their coming out story back in 2019, discussing their journey with self-acceptance around their gender identity. They share an exchange they had with their mother

“When I had my first boyfriend, I knew it was time to tell my mother. On a break from school, I visited my hometown. I told her in the car on the way to eat breakfast at a nearby restaurant. I’ll never forget the words she said to me: “I would never wish this on you. I think your life is going to be so hard.” She told me she loved me, and I believed her. That didn’t stop the tears, though.

We spent the whole meal looking at each other across the booth and crying, hardly saying a word. The poor server had no idea what the hell was going on. We ate some omelettes as quickly as we could and not much more was said for a while. She didn’t know what to say and neither did I. What I know now (and she does too because I’ve told her) is that my mom couldn’t have been more wrong.”

Their story is a reminder that sometimes we don’t know how things are going to be, and in the moment, it can be super hard to fathom the future. 

Read Will Wilhelm’s Coming Out Story

When we read stories of those who are completely free to be their authentic selves, it gives us hope that the world is slowly educating itself on LGBTQ+ topics. When Jeffery came out to family and friends, he was welcomed with open arms and embraced for who they were.

“I’ve been very blessed to have been able to grow up in this part of the USA. Mainly Around the arts. Needless to say, it was no surprise for those around me when I came out at 15. I wasn’t afraid to tell people I was gay. It was more of an embrace, one of the many steps on my way to becoming a man. I felt it would give me peace and security, which it did almost immediately.”

When we discuss coming out, it’s important we show the whole spectrum with the good and bad both being discussed. In life, we will all experience coming out completely differently, and we need to see the whole discussion to create a picture of how coming out impacts an LGBTQ+ individual.

Read Jeffery King’s Coming Out Story

Lazarus’s story is one we hear often, as LGBTQ+ members many of us spend years trying to hide or bury our feelings to suppress what we are feeling. Not being able to understand our sexuality or gender identity can often leaving us feeling “different”. Lazarus shares the many occasions they came out including the very last time.

“The last time I came out was as an addict and alcoholic – addiction is a real issue in the LGBTQIA+ community, how many brick and mortar establishments dedicated to us do you know of besides bars? Alcohol was my primary tool in dealing with my gender dysphoria, anxiety, and depression – but this tool turned into a weapon and no longer served me.

I’m grateful to be coming up on two years sober, for the growing LGBTQIA+ recovery community, and to live every day fully present and grateful for this one wild life and its endless lessons.”

You can read Lazarus Letcher’s full story here

For many LGBTQ+ members, the love and support from family and friends can change our complete outlook around our identity. Liselle is from a religious background, which could of caused friction when she came out, thankful they were greeted with love and acceptance.

“When I finally built up the courage to let certain family members know, they loved me just the same and accepted me like nothing had changed. Yes, sometimes I am still the butt of jokes being the only openly gay person in the family, but I am loved no less than I was before I came out.

I am grateful for the love and support that my family continues to show to me and my partner. I am treated no different from anyone else amongst my friends and family. I consider myself very lucky.”

To read Liselle Savitri’s Coming Out Story, click here

Charl Summers

Founder of Unite

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