Opening up about our mental health is something a lot of us struggle with. I can relate and often find it hard to share my own experiences, which is why I find a good healing mechanism is reading others stories. Often I can relate to others stories, by humanising my problems I can see I’m not alone. 

Luckily for us, the amazing Talk to Coco has shared her own experiences with mental health. Coco is an amazing mental health vlogger & is incredibly raw with what she shares. This rawness is something I aspire to & along the way has helped many with how open she is. 

So, let’s talk with Coco


Where do I start. I’ve been suffering at the taunts of mental health all my life. My first experience to remember is me being about 8/9 years old… not knowing how to cope with these things in my head and emotions of not being able to control myself.

I guess at that age the first thing your told is you’re naughty etc, and this followed me my whole life. I would say these past 4 years I’ve started to be taken seriously by my family, friends and the health teams available. Me being unconscious on the floor, having life to life, made people finally want to help me.

I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar, I’m also emotionally unstable with personality. Meaning my emotions affect my personality trait (I think) and my psych is still figuring out if I have ADHD too. I have friends around me who suffer with depression right the way through to being diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenia, and my uncle is schizophrenic too so, I have always had some kind of something around me. 

Coping mechanisms with mental health all differ from person to person. Last year we spoke to Ruth Cooper-Dickson who shared some amazing tips with dealing with anxiety. These tips can be applied to many situations, so if you’re currently looking for a release this post may help. It also included charities who are specifically trained in dealing with mental health situations. 

We asked Coco about their “coping mechanisms”, as we all find different ways that help. 

I wouldn’t say I cope or manage, I just get on with it. With my mental health I’m so up and down I don’t really get to grasps with it other than channelling it in any way my brain allows me to. For instance, talking and giving advice and helping others I love to do and really makes me feel good and it’s like my sort of medication, as I’m so high or low; i’ts just learning how to take advantage of these, like any disability I guess.
I’ve lost so may people to mental illness and I’m not going to allow it to beat me, well when I’m on a high anyway I try not to. When I’m low I can’t say I always manage. There’s days I can ride with it like being suffocated by  wave, your first time surfing or sometimes I’m the one who is drowning, with floods of tears or rages of anger and not knowing what or who I’m going to hurt or affect is really scary, because I am so unpredictable also.
Music is a big coping method when I’m having my emotional down days. I play boys II men or some Luther Vandross, and sit and cry and cry and pray to god one day I wont have to feel like this. It’s constantly a domino effect for me.

The most important thing to take away from this post is Coco’s Journey. All of us have different paths that sometimes intertwine, listening to each other can be the best form of healing.


So, what advice would Coco give us?

If you’re going through the same or haven’t yet been diagnosed and feel like giving up, please scream, shout, punch things, cry but whatever you do don’t give up, your time will come you must just be patient.

That is why the people you have around you is most important, because the times where you can’t cope, you need people who understand you or people who can keep you going and let you know.. you’re not weird or stupid for feeling like this, and sometimes you can’t explain why. But, tomorrow is a better day and that’s why I have set up my YouTube channel, to talk about things people find hard to, to show people they’re not alone in this world and especially for people like myself; whether you’re in the LGBT community, or you’re black or white or come from an ethnic background or you just feel alone, know your not!

My Instagram I use to talk and answer peoples worries and questions, follow me @_talktococo, if you need anything please don’t be afraid to message or if you don’t have the courage quite yet to speak up, go subscribe and watch my vlogs on YouTube.

Talk with Coco

Edited by Charlotte

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