Welcome to our queers of the year awards! 2018 has been a roller-coaster of a ride and even though it’s not over yet, we thought we’d celebrate those who have made this year so special.


So let’s get straight into it and celebrate all you beautiful queers!

Queer Blogger of 2018

As a fellow lgbtq+ blogger, I’m in awe of those who take the same path as ourselves. One blog that I’ve been in love with since day one is Lesbionyx. It’s an amazing blog made my queer women of colour, for women of colour.

One of the main reasons why I’m in total awe of them is their content. They produce such high-quality articles that firstly, I’m jealous. But secondly, they talk about a range of topics that are so so important. If you haven’t already… check them out now!

Queer Lovers Award

This is one of the hardest decisions to make, as there are so many amazing lgbtq+ couples out there. Yet, I couldn’t ignore the fact that these two beautiful human beings have been doing amazing work.

Harriet & Alyssa are two queer women on an inspirational journey that can be followed via Instagram. We’ve been following their journey for over a year now & we’ve both be in awe of their work. If you need some bae goals, I recommend a good ole stalk of their instagram!

Journey of the year

This award is something very special to us. Everyone’s journey no matter what is so valid & we should shout our stories from the rooftops. They’re what make us so unique and we should always be proud of what we achieve.

But this year we’ve seen the journey Jake has embarked on. Every step of the way we couldn’t have been prouder. We are massive fans of what Jake stands for & his courage whilst being discriminated at work just shows how amazing he truly is. We can’t wait to see what’s around the corner & watch his journey from a distance.

LGBTQ+ family goals

I think everyone can agree when we see a same-sex family, our little queer hearts skip a beat because this concept is what so many of us want.

So when I saw Daddy & Dad, I instantly fell in love with their family unit. They remind us that this family unit we dream of is possible & not forgetting their two adorable sons. They’ve done so much this year, whilst being in a Christmas TV advert, they’ve found the time to also feature on Buzz Feed! They’re a beautiful family & we can’t wait to see what they’re up to next!

Queer artist of 2018

We all have our favourite musician, but what makes it so much sweeter is when one of our favourite artists is an lgbtq+ activist. Not only have other major publicans such as Gay times magazine agreed that this artist is up & coming, but they’ve also performed & killed it at London pride, as you do.

Andrea Di Giovanni, is one of my favourite lgbtq+ artists & I could listen to their music all day. They’re incredibly sweet & honestly one of my favourite human beings alive. Whilst being incredibly talented, they discuss important topics via Instagram and help those within our community. So, if you haven’t listened to their music yet. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

Queer of the year

So, it’s the big one. Who is our queer of the year? Well, it was a very easy choice with the help of you guys. 

Queer of the year

So, we asked our readers ‘Who has made an impact in your life this year & who is a deserving winner of the title queer of the year.’ Without question, there was a clear & deserving winner.

So, without any further delay, our queer of the year is Raffinee & they are so deserving of our queer title! When I see queer women standing up for their rights, being an absolute babe whilst having a beautiful family, it’s something you can’t not get behind.

I was personally moved by her recent Instagram post about Dr Ford as it spoke to me in so many ways. Standing up for our rights as women is something that I’m extremely passionate about. With someone having such a strong and powerful voice, I’m very much thankful for. So, this title is going to a strong & amazing woman who is helping us all live in a more equal & diverse world.

There are so many amazing lgbtq+ individuals in our community. We sadly can’t share everyone & trust me if I had the time to do so, I would. We are so thankful for every interaction we receive and celebrating our people is something we’re so passionate about. If you feel like other lgbtq+ members deserve recognition, then please let us know & we will try our best to give it to them!

Charl Summers

Founder of Unite UK

Celebrating our community is something that I try to do regularly. We are a bunch of amazing & talented people, yet it’s hidden behind the stigma of being lgbtq+. So, this post is dedicated to all of those amazing people making our community a safer, diverse & loving place to be.

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