AlphaOmega London, is a UK-based ladies’ luxury footwear brand creating sustainable, avant-garde shoes and accessories. The brand was created for the bold, the empowered, and those who celebrate their differences and apologetically express themselves.

They’ve recently released a new “Gender” series that provides a platform for open discussion regarding gender identity, expression, and the fashion industry. Which is fantastic news for us, as they’ve recently covered a range of topics regarding gender!

The creative geniuses on the AO London team are self-proclaimed thought-leaders and designers. They do not just “do” or “make,” they also think, admittedly maybe too much, in an effort to stay creative and ahead of the curve. The team also questions the status quo and challenges norms through their designs and other creative outlets.

In regards to the LGBTQ+ community, the AO London team believes “we should live in a world where we are all accepted for who we are period! It’s disturbing to learn how people are treated because they are different or because they don’t fit into a ‘norm’ or classified social construct.”

Their podcast, Fashion Vanguards “showcase contemporary voices of tomorrow tackling issues that really matter.” It is unbiased, uncensored, and unscripted, and serves as a platform to discuss a myriad of fashion-related topics.

Recently, the team launched a new series called “Gender” on the podcast. This series is comprised of 6 episodes — “Moving Forward Teaser,” “The Spectrum and Fluidity,” “The Genesis of our Identities,” “Moving Forward,” “Fashion and the Unconscious Bias,” and “Fashion’s New Future”.

The latest episode of the podcast, “Fashion’s New Future,” delves into agender identities in the fashion world and “challenges the token use of ‘agender’ within the fashion industry and how some larger brands undermine the true issues that are affecting the community.” The team went on to say that “we now understand that a gender-neutral outfit won’t tackle some of the more concerning issues but will help to start a conversation.”

AO London recognizes that larger brands tend to have ulterior motives when they adopt gender neutral fashion trends or publicly support “controversial” members of society, such as the LGBTQ+ community.

In the “Fashion’s New Future” episode, the team discusses the positives and negatives of gender neutral fashion from both the individual’s perspective and the business’ perspective, among other gender and fashion-centric topics.

We would suggest AO London’s “Gender” series to anyone who identifies within the genderqueer, agender, non-binary, or transgender communities. We would also suggest anyone who want to be a better ally, or begin their allyship within the LGBTQ+ community listen to the “Gender” series.

After you check out the new series and AO London’s shop, let us know what you think! Do you think a podcast series like this is important for our community?


Drew Parker

Edited by Charlotte Summers

Hi, I’m Drew! I live in the PNW with my beautiful wife, our cat and our dog. I am a transgender man and have been on testosterone for roughly 2.5 years. I greatly enjoy sharing my mental health and queer stories in an effort to show others they are not alone and it truly does get better.

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