Queer stereotypes plague the LGBTQ+ community and spread malicious rumours and lies regarding our identities. Society has a fair share of individuals who love having their say about the way we live our lives. Sadly over time, some people have started to believe these queer myths. But today, we’re going to turn back time.  

You’re going to join us going back & putting an end to 5 ridiculous queer stereotypes we’ve come across. Something that should have been done the second it left the mouths of the idiots who created them.

“You’re too pretty to be a lesbian”

The concept that attractive women can identify as a lesbian seems to be unfathomable to some members of our society. It seems that women in the past have been seen solely for men. But this queer stereotype needs to go. To begin with, how does someone’s appearance alter their identity?

This dated view goes hand in hand with the sexualisation of lesbians. Often in pornography, queer women are used to satisfy fantasies that straight men enjoy. So, if an attractive woman appears to be gay it’s often thought they’re “too pretty” as real-life lesbians don’t look like this.

But this stereotype is one of the reasons why we’re so far from achieving equality. Women come in all shapes and forms, lesbians can be butch or femme and still be as valid. Stop sexualising women & we may start seeing progress.

“Polysexuality isn’t a real thing, it’s just being bi!”

One of my biggest pet peeves about the society we live in, is it’s ability to jump to conclusions without any knowledge on the topic. So, to educate you and put an end to this queer stereotype, polysexuality is a very valid sexuality label. To identify as polysexual is to feel attraction to multiple genders, but not all.

Many of you may question, this sounds a lot like pansexuality. Which you’d be right in thinking, but pansexuality is the attraction to all genders & the difference lies in that polysexuals aren’t attracted to all genders. I admit understanding sexuality can be confusing and an outsider may think this is a bunch of b*llocks”. But, what I would tell this small minded individual is that everyone’s identity is valid & worthy of respect.

To find more sexuality labels & definitions, check out our A – Z List of Sexualities in 2018 


“Bisexual women are straight and just experimenting”

In past years, the bisexual community has come under scrutiny with LGBTQ+ members & outsiders telling them how to identify. Many bisexuals feel victimised and I can fully sympathise as to why. There are many problematic rumours surrounding bisexuals, but the one that stuck out with myself is that bisexual women are straight women experimenting. There are many problems with this queer stereotype, so let’s get into them.

1 – Why is the concept of women experimenting considered a bad thing? Slut shaming isn’t cute and the fact guys can sleep with whomever without a thought highlights that women aren’t seen as equals.

2 – Bisexual women are often judged and discriminated against due to their partner. If a bisexual woman is with a guy, she is seen as betraying the LGBTQ+ community. Yet if she’s with a girl, she’s experimenting and isn’t as valid as other queer women.

Bisexuality changes from person to person, we all experience sexuality differently. We as a whole need to stop turning our backs & noses to those who experience it differently to ourselves.

“Being LGBTQ+ is caused by a traumatic experience”

When we talk about problematic queer stereotypes, I think this comes number one on my list. For many homophobic individuals, claiming that homosexuality is caused by abuse, accidents or unfit parents justifies their hate. We saw in the Miseducation of Cameron Post how in 1993 LGBTQ+ members were taught they were the problem & not society around them.

In 2018, hate crimes have risen by 4% according to Stonewall. I would class conversion therapy, hate crimes, discrimination & bullying traumatic experiences. Which all of those LGBTQ+ members experience on a daily basis, so when homophobic members state that we’re gay because we were abused when we were children, I want to remind them that none of us experience any trauma until the second we express our true feelings in relation to sexuality and gender.

We are not the problem, society is. LGBTQ+ members identify how they do because they were born this way, not because our parents abused us, not because we had a life-changing experience. Because we’re simply LGBTQ+ & there is nothing more to it.

“You can’t live a normal life whilst being LGBTQ+”

Our final queer stereotype is something that has haunted me for a long time. For many LGBTQ+ members, we believe that the ability to live a successful and fulfilling life is something only straight ‘normal’ families get to experience. But over time, I’ve realised that queer families are just as beautiful as any other family.

For so long, we haven’t been exposed to the beauty of having two moms or two dads. But in time I’m seeing LGBTQ+ families in the streets, on social media and TV shows. This queer stereotype is simply that. A stereotype. LGBTQ+ members live amazing lives and their identity won’t affect their quality of life.

Charlotte Summers

Owner / Blogger

Queer stereotypes are something that have often been apart of my life. We need to educate society & those around us to hopefully end these harmful stigma’s.

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