Today, I’m going to give you a lesson in something most schools don’t teach you. You see, in the UK most schools and colleges avoid the topic of sex. You get a 5-minute chat about the birds and the bees and that’s it, you discover the rest on your own. Maybe it’s because we’re British, but the topic is very taboo within education.

So when it comes to LGBTQ+ sex education, you’ve got another thing coming. Stonewall recorded that in the UK, 1 in 6 students are being taught about healthy same-sex relationships & many teachers are unsure if they can even approach the topic. This means that the LGBTQ+ youth are sent out into the world with no actual knowledge of sexual health.

I’ve witnessed it first hand, the LGBTQ+ community are sometimes clueless about the possible risks out there. By one simple social media post, we taught our followers that you can catch STI’s from two females being together. You may think that’s obvious, of course two women can contract STI’s. 

But to a community where we’ve only been taught about straight relationships, we don’t connect the possible risks to ourselves. Which as shown in the 80’s with the HIV epidemic, it’s so important that everyone is aware of the possible risks that surround them. I wanted to see how many of our followers thought that schools should teach LGBTQ+ sexual health, out of 150 votes all 150 voted yes to schools should teach LGBTQ+ sexual health.

If this isn’t a cry for help, what is? So to help our followers, we’re going to give you a sex ed lesson LGBTQ+ style. 

According to Lloyd’sPharmacy Online Doctor, those in great danger of contracting STI’s are gay men aged 15-42 years old. But, this doesn’t mean the rest of us are no longer at risk. So, if you’re sexually active there a few things you need to consider to ensure you’re being safe:

Use protection

Protection comes in the form of condom’s, which allllll LGBTQ+ couples should consider. Yes, even lesbians when using toys should use condoms. It’s a BIG myth that lesbians can’t contract STI’s, last year over 200,000 women were treated for STI’s. So yeah, use protection no matter how annoying it is!

Get yourself checked out

When entering any new relationship, it’s important that both you & your partner get checked out. There is a slim chance that from past relationships, you’ve unintentionally caught an STI along the way. Which is nothing to be embarrassed about & most STI’s can simply be treated by medication.

There are many ways to get yourself & your partner checked out. But the easiest way in our eyes is using online doctors such as LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor. Firstly, you don’t have to have the awkward face to face conversations, which I would fully cringe at. But secondly, it’s so quick and easy to do!

Wash, Wash & Wash Again

Imagine, you touch everything with your hands. Then, you and your partner start to… you know. Along the way, you’ve touched something that is infected with an STI, as some STI’s can be transmitted via hands and fingers. So, to avoid awkward conversations, be sure to clean your hands often!

Now you know everything… kinda. You’ve followed all 3 of our tips & you’re still wondering, what is LGBTQ+ sex? You’ve more than likely seen some films featuring adult content & now you have lots of puzzle pieces but you want the full picture. The truth is, LGBTQ+ sex is no different to straight sex. There are many arguments regarding LGBTQ+ sex, as it’s considered for a girl to lose their virginity they have to be with a guy and vice versa. But guess what…

Sex is sex.

No matter how you do the deed, all you need to make sure is that:

  1. You’re comfortable with whoever you’re having sex with
  2. You’re using protection and being careful
  3. It’s consensual from both parties
  4. You’ve both been checked out to ensure you’re not carrying any STI’s

No matter who you’re with, just enjoy yourselves & connect with that individual. As long as you’re talking and being open with each other, in time you’ll master it and be complete goddesses. There is so much work that needs to be done to help us learn more surrounding LGBTQ+ sexual health. But for now, check out this awesome Infographic regarding STI’s in the UK. Because, the more you know… right?

Charlotte Summers

Founder / Blogger at Unite UK

Understanding how to be safe whilst in a sexual relationship is something that isn’t taught in schools. It’s vital that we cover topics such as STI’s and how harmful they are to our health.

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