So many people say that LGBTQ+ people are defensive, quick to close anyone down with different views and won’t accept those with different views to them.

But let me tell you why,

How I live my life, doesn’t affect your judgemental ass anyway. Whoever I choose to love, doesn’t change your life one inch. So why do you think you get a say in how I live my life?

I appreciate you hold different views and I will listen to you. But you don’t offer the same respect back, whilst I’m talking you’re not listening. You’re thinking of the next thing you’re going to say, not listening to my point of view at all. You’re that self-obsessed, you can’t see past your own small minded views. 

I get so defensive and worked up because for years I’ve felt ashamed, embarrassed of how I am. But I no longer feel that way, I’m proud to wear my rainbow stripes & I will defend my rights as a human being.

You show me statistics of suicides, mental health issues. But do you ever stop to think why they’re so high? People like you push us into a corner where we feel trapped. Instead of helping and accepting us for who we are, you look at data to determine your views.

‘I follow facts, not feelings’, you constantly remind us, but you ignore all of the data that contradicts your idiotic statements. You only see what YOU want to see.

People like you, can’t be helped. You will always hold homophobic, transphobic views. But you know what, I’m ok with that. You know why? Because how you live your life doesn’t affect me.

The only difference between you & I is that I respect our different views & realise no matter what I say you can’t be taught respect. So do something better with your life. Find a hobby, be someone instead of being a complete homophobic arsehole.

The moment you stop, you might actually enjoy a small thing called life. Because hunny, I’m loving my queer life to the max.


Owner Of Unite UK

Homophobic language is something that I can’t tolerate. I’ve witnessed it on so many occasions, so this is my message to those who think homophobic language & views are welcomed.