There are so many LGBTQ+ brands out there it’s sometimes hard to keep up with, but House of Raglan has really caught our eye and that’s down to the fact they are always giving back to the community. Aside from having some amazing clothing on offer, the girls at House of Raglan donate a percentage of their profits to various mental health charities!

We’re so honoured to have worked with this brand and more importantly we’re able to give you guys an insight into their company! Keep reading to get all the inside info into how such an awesome brand is brought to life.



The Interview


Who is behind House of Raglan?

We are wives, trying to make the world a little more positive by giving a little back. Anna is a PE teacher and has suffered from mental illness from a young age. She is a little eco-warrior and tries to promote positivity in everything she does!

Sophie is also a teacher, an avid Sociologist, and all round equality activist! Together, as a married couple, we wanted to start a brand that fuses together our passions and gives back to help others.

Where did the idea of starting your own clothing line come from? 

As part of the LGBTQ community, we thought it was important to include an element of this in our brand. Our brand aims to raise awareness and funds for mental health charities. We also really strongly believe in equality; be it for LGBTQ, minority ethnic groups etc.

Our new Equality range really encompasses our passion to fight for equality. The Same Love Club tees (The Ellen, Harvey and Brighton) were inspired by this passion and the need for pride in the LGBTQ community.

What’s made you want to donate 10% of profits to Young Minds? 

As educators we have seen the impact of mental health on young people; it is something that we feel strongly about and would like to raise awareness of. Anna has had personal struggles with depression and feels strongly about the stigma attached to talking about it.

One of our tees simply states “#starttheconversation” and this is a simple but powerful message we want to convey. Young Minds UK is a great charity working with young people to give advice and help, it was a no-brainer to give a % of profits to such an awesome charity!

I admire you’re both so open with mental health, has this been easy? 

Talking about any feelings isn’t easy, let alone feelings that might stigmatise you in society. However… we have come to learn that starting a conversation about how you are feeling is the first step to recovery. It’s not easy, no day is. But we work through them together and being focused on a brand like House of Raglan has really helped both of us cope with our demons.

You mention on your website you both went travelling – as an LGBTQ+ couple, did you face any troubles along the way? 

We lost count of the numerous times we were asked: “are you sisters?”… even though Anna is 6 foot 1 and dark-haired and Sophie is 5 foot 3 and blonde! Let alone the times the receptionist would say “it is 1 double bed I’m sorry”. I wouldn’t say we faced many troubles; there were plenty of conversations about how “ok” people are with it and many debates over rights.

It is still illegal to be gay in 72 countries across the world, which is a shocking statistic. However, we did have many conversations with people who simply had never spoken to or come across gay people before and were actually just intrigued to know our story! It was an amazing experience and opportunity to help show others that we’re just a normal couple, just like everyone else!


What is your favourite piece of clothing in your selection at the moment?

Our favourite piece so far is definitely the Self Love Club tee; it’s such a simple design but spreads such an important message, one that encompasses our ethos. The design for this piece comes from one of Anna’s tattoos that she got on her road to recovery. To make it a little more personal, the script is in Sophie’s handwriting. Which is exactly how we want the brand to come across – personal and compassionate.

What is your dream achievement with House of Raglan?

Our ultimate goal is to get our messages out to the world, we want to feel like everyone is part of the Self Love Club and that anyone can #starttheconversation. We’d love to be able to make a difference in people’s lives which is why a % of the profit from every sale goes back to a charity.

Eventually, we would love to have a Wellbeing Space where people can come to do workshops, relax and just have a really positive experience!

Why do you believe it’s important for LGBTQ+ clothing to be seen in society? 

As a society, we have moved on massively. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve parity for the LGBTQ community. We have attended many pride events all over the world and we believe that all people, allies included, should be able to wear the pride rainbow and think yes, we are making a difference. The Same Love Club tees promote the fact that Love is Love and we hope everyone who wears one will feel an immense sense of pride!

What can we expect from you guys in the future? 

More of the same… we aim to promote positivity and equality whilst making ethically sourced clothing with a skater vibe! We are hoping to expand to include more products as we’ve had lots of weird and wonderful requests!

One of our big aims for the future is to set up education workshops to encourage people to be able to talk about mental health and to end the stigma around it! #houseofraglan #starttheconversation


House of Raglan

Edited by Ash O'Keeffe

House of Raglan is an LGBTQ+ based clothing company aiming to make a difference to the world with their equality and self-love themed brand. But their amazing work doesn’t stop there. These girls make sure some of their profits go straight to mental health charities so they are always giving back to the community! They truly are making the world a better place.

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