When you think of the LGBTQ+ community, what do you think of?

For me, I picture a bunch of amazing & strong minded individuals pushing boundaries for a more diverse and equal world. Within this world, there is too much hate, judgement and discrimination. Sadly, in the last few years, I’ve noticed more & more LGBT+ people discriminating against our own… We are meant to support each other, but again and again, I see hate within our own eyes.

I’m tired of seeing our loving community being dragged, discriminated and judged by the whole of society. Life is too short to live full of hate. So today, I’ve taken the time to search high and low for people who are making a difference.

These people are dedicating time and effort to make this world a more diverse, loving and equal world. 

In the media we see all the bad things going on. Because as human beings, we don’t want to see the good others are doing, which baffles me. So, if you’re here to see some amazing & creative individuals, then get ready, becauseI’mm going to hit you with 12 individuals doing an amazing job at being fab.

Editors note: I have noticed I have actually put 13 individuals instead of 12… I want to style this out as I just couldn’t pick just 12!


12. Coming Out Space

I recently came across this amazing LGBT+ space full of coming out stories from a range of individuals. Coming out is no doubt one of the scariest things we do as lgbt+ people. So, reading stories of those who have gone through the same is not only liberating, but it helps society develop an understanding of what we go through to be our true selves. Some of the stories featured, honestly open your eyes to the world of all things gay.

When I see others with like-minded goals and aspirations, it brings me so much joy and hope. With all of us working together for the same goals, one day we will live in a world where equality is a thing.

11. Mum & Mama

For me, all LGBT+ families are an inspiration to what I can hopefully have in the future. But there are a few that stand out to me & I believe honestly make a difference within the community. Mum & Mama is one of these accounts that I’m in love with. Ignoring the fact they have a super cute son, their blog covers topics surrounding motherhood & gives amazing advice, insights and so much more.


10. Jays Journey

Within society, we need individuals to help others understand. Education is key to true understanding. So, when we met Jaydn back in 2017, I was blown away. He not only helped us gain further knowledge surrounding the trans community, he offers advice to trans guys going through similar situations. His YouTube channel (Jay’s Journey) is amazingly helpful and gives an insight into the trans community like no other. Oh, did I mention he also does monthly binder giveaways?

There are some amazing people out there doing great things to help and educate others. Jaydn is a prime example of those extraordinary people making a difference and dedicating so much time in order to help others.



9. Gus FTM

So, for a while now I’ve been following this Instagram account that every day takes a picture of themselves. You may think, that’s nothing special? But to me, this account is capturing the beauty of transitioning. To be following someone every step of their way on this crazy journey is honestly such an eye-opener.

I just really wanted to include this account, down to the fact I think they’re doing an amazing job.



8. Kelly – Inspiring Healthy Choices 

Over the last few months, I have been taking Unite UK to new places to meet new people. Along the way, I’ve crossed paths with Kelly – an ally to the LGBT+ community dedicating time and money to educating those in schools, prisons and offices. It’s easy to pick faults, but allies are key to the LGBT+ community. We need the support from outside the community if we are ever to gain acceptance, so this is why I’m inspired by Kelly.

Kelly dedicates her time to create a better world for us, she doesn’t have to yet here she is fighting our battles. In order for us to progress, we need to value those who help us achieve the acceptance we fight for.



7. Wear What Suits You

I’ve only very recently came across this blog. Ran by Emily Reid, she covers topics from clothing, gender, stereotypes and so so much more. I wanted to include her on my list as it’s so important for others to be talking about the same subjects, discussing topics and making a difference. Because even if one person reads it, it will start a chain reaction and inspire others to talk and think about the topic.

Emily is doing an amazing job speaking about and showcasing the LGBTQ+ community for its true colours. She’s a talented blogger and I recommend checking her out, I know I’m now obsessed!


6. Ink 

Today, in a world full of hate and discrimination, there will always be people shining through and making this world a safer and accepting place. Ink is one of these people shining brighter than life, their courageous attitude and strong-minded approach to life is why I am in complete awe of them. No matter what they’re faced with, they keep on going. Educating and helping others understand what it means to be transgender. In today society, we need people like Ink to lead the way. Because one day, individuals as such will help us achieve an equal world.



6. A Gay And A Non Gay

Recently, podcasts have become my thing. I can listen to them for hours and become completely intertwined with what’s going on in a whole new world. So, when I found an LGBT+ friendly podcast, you can imagine my excitement. Ran by James Barr & Dan Hudson, they talk all things LGBT+, which is perfect for us gays.

My personal favourite podcast is where they spoke to Juno Dawson for Transgender Visibility Day. It was a complete eye-opener to the trans community & covered topics I would never have even thought of. It’s amazing to see people speaking in such confidence about the community and educating others along the way.



We’re now reaching our top 5. How exciting! I want to add, that anyone who is out there educating and helping others accept who they are, is amazing. If I had the time, I would make a list of 100+ individuals who I know deserve the recognition. But sadly, I’m limited! So if you’re not on this list & think you should be, then why not tell us! Our lists are always developing and expanding, so there is room for everyone.


Our Top 5 LGBT+ Individuals Making a Difference


5. Miss Peppermint

Peppermint is a drag queen of the well-known TV show; Ru Pauls Drag Race. Although I’m a massive fan of the show, recently there have been some controversial discussions around the transgender community & women partaking in drag. Yes, it has all settled down & although apologies have been made it’s still cut deep for some. But drag race drama aside, Peppermint is an amazing activist for the trans community doing amazing things with her time.

Being transgender herself, she is an inspiring activist making leaps and bounds for the community. More recently her song “Blend” not only is extremely catchy, it’s a subtle f**k you to the society we live in. It covers all the recent horrific events surrounding the transgender community & after all of it, she’s still proud to be transgender & nothing will bring her down. This valuable lesson, not only makes my passion to be a stronger ally to the community, it sends the message to the world that we will always be strong and nothing will tear us apart.


4. Cara Delevingne

For many years, I fancied the pants of Cara Delevingne without fully realising I was bisexual. So, when Cara “came out” I was a little taken back as I would never have thought Cara would identify that way. I’m talking like we’re best friends, but to me Cara was stunning and I had never seen a feminine woman identify within the LGBTQ+ community.

But this isn’t why Cara is on my list, because there were feminine LGBT+ women before her. Cara is extremely outspoken and stands her ground towards any LGBT+ topics. Just recently, she’s been in the media for expressing her views against Coachella & why she doesn’t support the festival. For me, it’s amazing to see ‘celebrities’ using their fame towards a good cause, by Cara standing up for her own views she is helping thousands accept and be proud of themselves.


3. Rose & Rosie

How can I miss our queens? If you don’t know who these amazing women are, I suggest you get yourself acquainted real quick. I can easily say that these two are my favourite YouTubers, let alone LGBT+ YouTubers. As a bisexual woman, I found Rosies “bisexy series” extremely relatable and covers some valid points.

But seriousness aside, their content is not only hilarious, it’s soooooo good. If you’re looking for a new YouTube channel to binge, it may be a good idea to start there. You won’t be let down!


2. Aydian Dowling

Aydian Dowling, a name everyone should know. This extraordinary trans man is shaping the way for the trans community & making such a difference. Whilst breaking all boundaries, he constantly supports the trans community by sharing his story, educating those around him and giving helpful tips via his YouTube channel. 

In 2018, we expect the world to be accepting and loving. However, this isn’t the case and today the trans community is under so much judgement and discrimination. But, with people like Aydian leading the way and helping the trans youth accept and understand themselves, we still have hope, we still have the fight & we will never give up on being treated as equals.

1. Stonewall 

Sometimes, when I talk to people about Unite UK. I always say I would love one day to have an impact like Stonewall. Stonewall to me is amazing and I’m always left speechless when looking at their work. More recently, their come out for LGBT campaign looks at “Creating a world where everyone, everywhere can be themselves” with the likes of footballers, TV hosts and celebrities getting involved.

These guys are so inspirational in making a difference within society. I wouldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t dedicate 1st place to those who work endlessly to make our lives easier.


Charlotte Summers - Editor

As a member of the LGBT+ community, i’m in constant awe of those who work day and night to make it a better place for us all. It’s amazing what the community can do when we have a united front. This blog post is dedicated tho those constantly working to make our lives that little bit easier.