Trans Visibility Day – A day to celebrate the trans community and those involved with it. So, to showcase how amazing & beautiful the transgender community is. We asked you guys to help us show how amazingly beautiful you are. We created this video & I cried many times when editing it all together.

The sense of community, belonging and pride overwhelmed me. It’s honestly beautiful seeing a group of people coming together and showing of who they are. I didn’t expect it to move me, but honestly. I was sobbing at the end of it.

I can’t see me in the video!

Due to having over 100+ submissions (which was not expected) I had to cut some frames. However, don’t worry! Below are further amazing individuals who are all proud to be transgender. We wish we could of included everyone and i’m gratefully sorry that we ran out of time and space. We didn’t expect so many of you to get involved!

But a massive thank you to who did. We appreciate your time, effort and patience to get involved. This has been the largest campaign we have ran. So, thank you for making it to special.

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Watch what people have to say about being transgender

A special thank you to the musicians that allowed us to use their music. I recommend checking these talented individuals out, with a range of talents.

As an Ally to the Transgender Community


Unite UK is formed of myself Charlotte & my partner Aislinn. We are both cis-gender women but identify within the LGBTQ+ community. However, you may realise we aren’t transgender and we are speaking on behalf of thousands of individuals. So, this is why we get you guys involved to share your stories & educate not only us, society. We are both massive supporters of the trans community and are devoting our time and effort to ensure the community gets awareness, love and acceptance.

Allies in any LGBTQ+ community are important. Just because we aren’t transgender, doesn’t mean we can’t relate or help.

Charl Summers - Editior

As an ally to the community, i’m in complete awe of the confidence and braveness these individuals show. When editing, it was so emotional. The sense of community & belonging is unreal. I’m so honoured to be trusted with this responsibility. I hope I’ve done these amazing individuals justice, as they are truly inspiring.