Collide – The Interview

Who is who?

  • Hannah – Director of Collide
  • Ever – Gillian 
  • Cecelia – Kate

We’re excited to announce our interview with the cast & director of Collide! Collide is an LGBTQ+ short film created by Hannah Thompson. With a passion for film & an eye for perfection, Hannah teamed up with Kate & Gillian to form the main characters of Collide.

Now, I know what you’re wondering. Another LGBTQ+ film about how a girl is with a boy & falls in love with a girl… but you’re so wrong. I personally fell in love with Collide due to the rawness and emotion portrayed by Kate & Gillian. This story, as Hannah says herself, can be put into any scenario and it’d work no matter gender or sexuality.

So, our first question to the cast was why did you want to create an LGBTQ+ Film? Because it’s not something we all think of doing.

Hannah: I wanted to create something that was relatable. Many LGBTQ+ shows are created with a straight audience in mind, so I wanted to create something that young LGBTQ+ members in schools & high school can look at and be like ‘oh wow that’s me’. 

So, Kate  & Gillian, what was your initial response to doing the short film?

Gillian:  I thought sure why not, let’s do it.

Kate:  Hannah messaged me on Facebook and was like ‘Hey do you want to be in an LGBTQ+ short film’  I wasn’t sure I could do it but Hannah convinced me to join up haha.

Hannah:  I have a picture of someone in my mind & if they fit the character I’m going to ask them!

Q2 – How was your experience making this film/was it difficult to create?


Hannah: Creating an 3-5 minute film may not seem like a lot, but it was a long process. I think the longest scene was the kissing scene as it had to be perfect! I wanted get closer & have passion in the kiss, it took a while but we got there in the end!.

Kate: It was my first kiss, so it was a little awkward.

Q3 – What has the response been like towards the film, from both the LGBT and the straight community?


Hannah: We’ve had amazing reactions to the film. In the comments people started sharing their stories and it there was a little community, it was great! Also, we had so many comments from the straight community & many said they liked it.

Kate: We even had someone come out beacuase of the short film. It makes what we were doing all worth it, if we can just help one person we’ve done good!

Gillian: I had people come to me and say “Hey, i like that short-film you’re in” that was pretty cool.

Q4 – What can we expect to see in the future?


Hannah – Hopefully a lot more! Unfortunately, the chapter of Collide has closed for now, there won’t be a sequel. However, in my next short film “Diner Girl”, someone familiar might make an appearance. “Diner Girl” is my next upcoming short film about two girls, Parker and Emily, who have a strong friendship until something gets between them. Stay tuned for this one, it comes out in May! 🙂

Q5 – The cast members worked really well together, was this their first acting experience? How did they find the kissing scene?


Hannah – Honestly, this is one of my favourite casts that I have ever worked with. They grew so close during the production, which is honestly a director’s dream! They didn’t know each other before production, so when they found out the first scene we were filming was the kiss scene, they were definitely a little more than nervous. Also, that was Kate’s first kiss so she had plenty of reasons to be nervous!

On set, I blocked the kiss with them and had them go over it a lot before the actual kiss. The first time they ever kissed on camera, Gillian was supposed to kiss Kate and then wait for Kate to turn her back around, but instead, she kissed Kate and ran away! It was really a precious moment and from then on everything was history!

They had the cutest chemistry on set, and they were always so nice to each other. This was both of their first acting experiences, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want it to be theatrical, I didn’t want any aspect to be faked, just two girls realistically finding their way through fears they had and kissing in the end.

Most of the fears displayed in the film kind of played off of fears they had in real life as well; Gillian isn’t the fondest of heights, neither of them liked the idea of dancing in front of our entire college dining hall, neither of them had gratified anything before, neither of them had ever even thoughts about putting crickets in their mouths, and them conquering all of these things together for the film I think definitely made it more realistic and them have a stronger bond.

Also, we filmed the kiss scene in about 6 different locations probably about 40 times! I just couldn’t find a take I liked that was charged with enough emotion. I scripted the kiss, I had done so many rewrites of the dialogue. Until the last day of filming, when I asked them to improv a small fight, and they did and I loved it! And that’s the take I ended up going with.

Q6 – Do you think we see enough LGBT representation in the media in the form of film etc.?

Gillian:  I feel like a lot of films play up to the stereotypes. You never see a nice lesbian couple portrayed, there always has to be a plot twist or guy involved. I personally don’t feel like there is enough, there should be more.

Hannah:  If you make an LGBTQ+ film, they chance it to the straight community. There are no films out there that show the lgbtq+ community for what it is. This is why I created collide, to try fill that gap.

Q7 – Starring in an LGBTQ+ short film shows you are proud of your identity. Has this always been the case? 


Hannah: My mom is very closed minded and with a southern step dad, things can be hard. She would never make me feel bad for liking girls, but doesn’t encourage it. Sometimes my relationship is judged and it’s difficult to be with my girlfirend, I know it’d be easier dating a guy. However, uni has helped her open up.

Kate: I struggle with my self image quiet alot. However, collide has actually helped me accept who i am. Everyone is going to see it and i’m happy for it to be shared. I’ve been fortunate to come from a supportive group of friends and family.


Q8 – A lot of our readers struggle to be proud of their sexuality or gender. What advice would you give to someone confused about their identity? 


Kate: I don’t think you’ll ever really understand how you identify, it’s to trust yourself and trust time. When I see people struggling with their identity, I want to open my heart and help them be happy. Let time happen & let yourself transform and be shaped by life. I’m a big fan of letting people do what they want, respect is everything. So do you & be you.

Gillian: I just feel like, it’s going to be ok. No matter what, you’re going to be ok. I went through so many different idenity labels before I realised what was going on. There is so much pressure to figure out what’s going on and where you belong, it doesn’t give people time to grow.

Hannah: I agree with what Kate & Gillian said. When I grew up, I had feelings for both sexes & felt better for thinking “I just love people” It was easier for me to think if I find someone that i love, it doesn’t matter about gender. I liked not being labelled, I don’t want one!

Q9 – If you could sum the movie up in 3 words, what would you use?


Hannah – Oh man! This question is no easier now than it was when you asked. Probably like “two girls collide” or “fearless in love”, maybe even “gay, funny, and wild.” That last one describes the production experience most accurately.

Q10 – Did you ever receive fan fiction? 


Kate: Yeah we did! It was really great reading what people wrote about us. It was so sweet that people created further content about the collide. I think my favourite was one about how we got sent to a room because we was arguing.

Gillian: Oh yeah, the dis-obedience room & it was revealed we was soul mates!


Q11 – I think it’s important to see LGBTQ representation in the media, what is your favourite LGBTQ+ show? 


Kate: I’m on the hunt for some good LGBTQ+ shows, so if anyone has any recommendations – hit me up!

Gillian:  No i don’t have a favourite show. I’m like an old person & I watch the same things over and over again. I guess that one episode of easy with the lesbian scene is ok.

Hannah: I would have to say one day at a time. It talks about a lot of things people just don’t talk about. Such things as sexism, racism and homophobia.

Q13 – Collide was a massive hit, why do you think people loved it so much?

Hannah: I hope they like it because they can see how much love & effort was put into it. They got their happily ever after & it give people something to relate to. With it being set in high school, many young lgbtq+ individuals can relate to what’s going on the scenes. I find a lot of films are unrealistic and you can’t relate.

Kate: It all happened naturally. There isn’t a big deal, the only difference from straight films is that it is LGBTQ+





Charlotte - Interviewer

Collide is a beautiful LGBTQ+ short film that captures the beauty of the community.