Our trip to Edinburgh

When we decided to go to Edinburgh for my 21st I was soooooo excited, as I’ve always wanted to go. So when myself & Ash booked our train tickets, I was over the moon & couldn’t wait to visit.

With a four-hour train journey ahead of us, we settled down in our seats with no f***kin window. The whole journey we spent peeking through a tiny gap to see the lake district, but it didn’t bother me… we were going to Edinburgh!

We arrived at the city centre & it’s overwhelming at how beautiful the city is. With amazing architecture & beautiful streets, you are in awe of how unreal the place is. If you’re a building buff (is that even a thing?) I really recommend going to see the architecture.

Anyway, we arrived and walked to our flat which was 30 minutes out of the city centre. As we were walking there, we weirdly walked passed the ‘gay strip’… we actually didn’t mean to. But we had a little look at the gay bars around – ‘CC Blooms’ ‘Havana’ & ‘Planet’… if there was any more we didn’t see them.

It’s always exciting to see what other cities gay villages are like, as the one in Birmingham, UK is amazing. So I was a little surprised at the lack of gayness considering the size of Edinburgh, however, it was still great to see gay bars around.

On further inspection, CC Blooms stood out from the rest. The other two just looked very… boring? As we walked past the Planet it felt like a very depressing bar & very clicky, like everyone would know everyone. Which isn’t a bad thing, but as an outsider it’s very awkward.

The same with Havana. I just don’t know what it was, but we could automatically tell that we wouldn’t enjoy those gay bars. CC Blooms looked modern, fun & had a cool little section called the lab where you’d go down a flight of stairs and be in an underground bar & dance floor – It could be down to our age but this seemed more appealing. Who doesn’t love an underground nightclub?

Anywayyyy, We spent the next day or two exploring the city centre & visiting the castle…. which was amazing!

There is so much to see & do, I think overall we walked around 55,000 steps… which is crazy. But it’s just so easy to walk & not realise how far you’ve gone!

The day came & it was the night of my 21st… ahhh! We had spent the day deciding where to go & came to the conclusion we’d try out CC Blooms & then venture off somewhere else. As soon as we got in there, we had some cocktails. Which may I add are some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had!

We quickly found out Scottish people are very strict on ID. Now, I know I have a baby face. But Ash, on the other hand, does not look younger than 18, so when they ID’d her at the bar… let’s just say they had an angry Irish lady on their hands. However, CC Blooms was everything & more than we thought it’d be.

The atmosphere was amazing, everyone in there was so friendly & there for a good time. Which isn’t unusual for a gay bar but it’s so nice to feel it miles away from home. We quickly found ourselves realising that we didn’t want to go elsewhere.

You see, myself & Ash get chatted up when we are in straight bars. So we normally try to avoid them, it’s just boring explaining to guys we’re in a relationship & then they think we are joking… it’s like no seriously, do one!

And on my 21st… I didn’t fancy experiencing that dreaded conversation. So we stopped at CC Blooms & had one of the best nights ever… not forgetting at midnight I officially turned 21!

On the day of my 21st we went to the zoo & on the night Ash cooked us a cute little meal which was enough for me as we were travelling the next day. Some may say I’m boring, but I say I’m prepared for a drag of a journey home… which I didn’t fancy doing hung over!

Our overall trip to Edinburgh was amazing. I think what stood out to me is that we saw some same-sex relationship families. Which isn’t a shock, because it happens everywhere. But I’ve never seen two men holding hands with a child in person.. and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed. Myself & Ash looked at each other & it gives you hope for what you can hopefully have one day. If others can do it, why can’t we?

I recommend for anyone to go to Edinburgh, it’s one of the prettiest cities I’ve been to. With an amazing gay bar & positive attitudes towards LGBTQ+ members, it’s a safe place to visit. It get’s our approval anyway!