Before we get started, a massive thank you to Alex who has shared his story on how he came to terms with being transgender. Understanding your identity is a hard & daunting process, but join us in exploring how to embrace your gender.

Coming to terms with identifying as Transgender

At the beginning, around the age of 5 and throughout primary school, I knew I wasn’t like my friends who were girls. To me, at that age, is when you wanted to wear nail varnish, dress like a princess, be excited to plan your wedding and be like your mum or favourite singer, singing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror to Girls Aloud & Spice Girls.

Me? No. I was more interested when the next Liverpool Football Kit was coming out, dressing up like my Dad and chanting my favourite football songs!

Yeah, I guess some people might be thinking “Tomboy phase, most girls go through it”. That’s true. But this wasn’t just about the hobbies & looks, this was my mind. I didn’t feel like a girl. I knew in my own mind, I’m me and I’m a boy.

Sometimes people ask & say “how did you know? you cant just know without a reason”. Well, that’s it, you do just know. You know your own mind and feelings, yes it’s difficult sometimes to figure out your own mind but you know who and what you are, no matter what people think or say.

I went through 18 years of hiding who I really was for the sake of everyone else. I didn’t want the judgements, cruel comments or rejection. But after a while, I thought, why should I live my life trying to please everyone else, people could accept you, you don’t know. But you need to live your life for you. It’s your life.

I was done hiding, why should I live my life trying to please everyone else.

September 8th, 2014 was the day. The day I started living, like really living. I came out via a status update on Facebook to all my friends and family, I was so scared yet felt so free. The amount of support and love that was shown to me that day, I will never forget it. Even to this day, the support just gets better and better.

I have come so far in a matter of 3.5 years. I’ve had my name changed by Deed Poll from ‘Miss’ to ‘Mr Alex Evans’, my gender has officially changed on all documentation. I have been on the waiting list for a few years for hormone treatment and surgery.

This is the year. I have my diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria and I am now a few months away from receiving Testosterone. It’s a long process but it gets easier and it’s so worth it! 

Be true to yourself & live the life you intend. Not what others want.