It’s nearly been a year of us running Unite UK. Within this time we have connected with many people within the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. We have gained new knowledge about sexuality & gender. But most importantly, we have helped the LGBTQ+ community.

The last few months, we have been hitting new records & the amount of viewers has been crazy.  Every week we work hard to put positive vibes into the community & I hope it is paying off. As a blogger & extremely anxious person. I never know if my work will be understood or appreciated. But the stats so far are telling me we are doing something right.

I admit within our first few months, we made massive mistakes & unintentionally we ruined potential relationships. We learned from these mistakes and every day we try to create a long-lasting platform that brings advice, education & support to those who need it.

Life is one massive journey & you will have bumps along the way. Unite UK is always going to be changing and adapting & this makes me excited for what is next.

What is planned for 2018?

In 2018, we have huge things planned. (Well to me, they’re huge) With massive projects, new alliances and so much more. We hope to have more of an impact on those around us.  I also plan to allow you, our readers an insight into who is behind Unite UK. This year we have developed the brand, next year you will see who’s behind it. Although this is nerve-racking to do, we all have to face our demons one day!

Additionally, we will be more picky about who features on Unite UK. Recently, I have noticed brands & individuals with underlying agendas which doesn’t sit right with me. The LGBTQ+ community is not about popularity, it’s about supporting & helping those around us.

If someone can inform me how shout-outs on social media benefit the LGBTQ+ community & aren’t for self-gains, I will do shout-outs every second of the day. But until then, Unite UK will never do shout-outs.

As a community, we should stand by and support everyone. But I’m not naive to realise that some people even if they identify within your community, aren’t good eggs. However, with this being said, in 2018 we will wipe the slates clean. We will still support all work that benefits the LGBTQ+ community & never will bad mouth those who try to make a difference.

So that’s it. Unite UK has smashed my expectations for this year and next year I plan bigger, better & more controversial blog posts. Plus new exciting projects with charities, brands & amazing individuals worldwide. Not forgetting, you finally get the chance to gain more of an insight into our crazy lesbian world.