You’re gay and it’s Christmas time. It shouldn’t be any different… right? For some, it doesn’t change and we enjoy the holidays just like anyone else.  But for others, it’s a different story.

How!? Well, join us in looking at why being LGBTQ+ at Christmas can change the holiday season altogether.

Family Gatherings

We all experience embarrassing questions no matter sexuality, gender or identity. It’s totally cringe when your nan asks why you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It could be for legit reasons & that no one loves you… which obviously isn’t the case.

But if the reason is that you’re attracted to the same sex, then it becomes a whole new level of awkward. You see, we subconsciously worry about outing* ourselves. We could say the slightest thing, but in our head, we worry they’ve guessed it.

So how do you avoid these awkward questions? Well here are our top 3 methods to make sure you don’t have to experience those dreaded questions. 

Step 1Distraction: Christmas is full of exciting things to distract those pesky buggers asking about your love life. If approached with ‘why don’t you have a boyfriend/girlfriend’ quickly use presents and food as a distraction. If they love food as much as me, they will be completely fooled. 

Step 2: Decoy: This mainly applies if you have younger siblings. But for once, they can be helpful. Their excitement that Santa has arrived is going to be overwhelming, by using them as a decoy, you can silently slip away and hope that no one has seen you creeping off. 

Step 3: Truthfulness: Tell them to mind their business the nosey buggers.

If any of these actually work, let me know. – In all seriousness, the feeling of these questions is gut-wrenching. We have all been there & not knowing what to say or do is horrible. But don’t stress, just enjoy Christmas & if all else fails just stuff your face with food. Because after all, it is Christmas.


Gay people on a daily basis deal with judgment, discrimination and hate crimes. But imagine dealing with this at Christmas – because it happens. 24% of young homeless people identify as LGBTQ+ in the UK & 77% believe that coming out was the main factor as to why their parents kicked them out.

Imagine being homeless at Christmas because of your sexuality/gender. Because for some, this isn’t a concept, it’s a matter of fact. They are being kicked out because of how they identify. – Families are choosing their beliefs of their children which is heartbreaking.

We deal with discrimination all year round, but the concept of someone being disowned and being left homeless at Christmas – it’s something that upsets me dearly.

Hate Crimes

Hate crimes against LGBTQ+ individuals have risen by 80% this year. An all-time high in the last 4 years. Just this week someone was assaulted & made to ‘apologise’ for being gay in London, UK. The LGBTQ+ community is exposed to extremists who take it upon themselves to assault our community for things we can’t control.

With Christmas approaching, hate crimes do not stop. Christmas traditionally is a religious partaking, with it being Jesus’ birthday we celebrate his birth. But the many values taught by religion is that same-sex relationships are sinful.

I have heard extreme stories of those being told they can’t celebrate Christmas because of their sexuality and are verbally abused. These hateful acts are not uncommon & just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean it will stop.

SO, how do we enjoy Christmas if we are LGBTQ+?

My honest opinion – we don’t have to do anything differently. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, asexual, whatever your identity. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas differently. Enjoy the holidays with friends & family.

Our identity shouldn’t mean we have to celebrate Christmas any different because we are no different. If you are still not open about your sexuality/gender, THAT’S OK. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Christmas, it just means you have a few awkward questions to deal with.

But no matter what we identify as, this will always be the case. Don’t worry about who you are. Worry about more important things, such as who’s having the last pig in blanket!


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