Unrealistic myths, bizarre stereotypes… the LGBTQ+ community has heard it all. More so, the transgender community has for a long time been on the receiving end of some ridiculous statements and assumptions that attempt to invalidate them.

But why?! Now.. this could be just down to the ignorance and lack of knowledge of some individuals, but even so, people need to educate themselves and be open-minded!

So, if you’ve been following us for a while, you may think: You’ve already covered transgender myths!?!?! Correct.

But that was at the start of the year & the thing is, the more we talk about these ridiculous myths, the more we help debunk them.

So join us in breaking some boundaries & venture into the world of transgender myths (2)


So. I hear this statement on a daily basis, that we choose how we identify. Just like straight people choose to be straight… right?

Oh, wait… that isn’t how it works. You don’t realize your straight, it’s something you are always aware of. SO HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT FOR A TRANS PERSON!? It isn’t.

“It’s annoying when I’m told I ‘choose’ this, how did I choose it then? I don’t remember waking up one day and saying I’d like for people to constantly tell me I’m wrong about my identity. – @gay.safety.setgosaurus”

Nobody wakes up and thinks, ‘Yeah, I’ll be trans today’. Or any sexuality as a matter of fact. We are born who we are, if you identify as trans then you were born this way. Just like how a straight person is born straight.



Recently, in a lot of news articles, we are seeing gender-neutral toilets become a big part of today’s restrooms. For some reason, unknown to myself, people think that this is dangerous & will affect those around using the same toilet.

“Women are women and men are men but I don’t mean that in the way most people do. If that’s who you know you are then that’s who you are no matter what other people say. No matter if you have ‘the things’ down there or not. You’re you!- @courtandtiff”

The problem we see here is that close-minded individuals believe that transgender people will prey on them. They will try push their views onto unknown and innocent strangers. But let’s get this right, if a transgender person needs the toilet, they are going to pee or you know… poop.

Never do they think. ‘Oh they look like someone I can ambush‘. They go to use the restroom that is the correct gender for them. We need to stop allowing what we have between our legs determine what we can do in life.

Thankfully, not everyone is a complete idiot. With recent news that major companies and brands are introducing gender-neutral restrooms, we are entering a generation that doesn’t care about your gender, they care about equality.


Getting top surgery is a major operation, that costs a lot of money. For some, top surgery isn’t a must, it’s a need. For others, it doesn’t matter as much.

As human beings, we all have different preferences. So labelling that ALL transgender people get surgery suggests that they are all the same. Which, if I have to be really pointing out, they’re not.

“I think this myth is stupid as every transition is different in its own way. Not everyone gets top surgery, it’s down to the individual. Sadly, some people can’t get top surgery on the NHS so they have to save up and go private to get top surgery.- @dandribbler93”

Transgender people are human. As humans we experience life differently, so stop labelling one group of people with certain characteristics. Because they don’t always apply.


From an early age, we are aware of certain aspects of our life. Things like, girls like pink and boys like blue. These rules and regulations are pushed onto us & we are meant to accept this, like the good kiddo’s we are.

At the age of 3, a child isn’t going to turn around and say. ‘Mom, dad… I’m transgender!’ Because at that age, they can’t make sense of what is happening. But I guarantee they will know that they don’t fit in with the stereotypes of their gender.

“If a child feels like they’re in the wrong skin and are feeling like they’re transgender then they probably are. No child is too young to realize in my eyes because the longer their feelings are ignored, the unhappier they are going to feel. Parents should love and support their kids and not force them to be someone they’re not.- @karlesbian_marsbarzzzzz”

As we grow up, we start to make sense of our sexuality, gender or identity and this is when we can attach a label. But we know from a young age, whether parents act on it and help their child transition. This is down to them. Personally, I would let my child be who they want and not let gender norms tie them down.


I can’t. Really? Find me two humans alive alike, exact characteristics & features and then maybe we can talk.

My mind is blown & I can’t really fathom what idiot would think this. We are all different, no matter sexuality, gender, religion, race, ethnicity. Stop stereotyping minorities!

“This makes me mad. It would be difficult to even find two humans exactly alike, there are probably close to millions of trans people in the world so there’s no way all of them can be alike! – @_ace.cake_”

So, lets be real.

Stereotypes will always be around, we aren’t naive to think one blog post will eradicate all myths surrounding transgender individuals. But what it will do is get you thinking & hopefully realizing that this needs to be addressed.

Stereotypes are the main cause of transphobic insults & slurs. By debunking them again & again, transphobic people will have less ammo to use as we are showing them how idiotic and stupid they are being.

Your gender and sexuality do not define you. YOU define you. The world would be a much more peaceful and loving place if everyone was accepting instead of discriminatory, so let’s all play a part in making that happen!

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