There are blogs for everything. Fashion, cars, makeup & even blogs about hamsters! Millions of us do it.

But more importantly, there are amazing LGBTQ+ bloggers out there (Apart from our amazing selves) bringing attention to the community & spreading love and guidance. To gain acceptance in a world that belittles, judges & discriminates on a daily basis, these bloggers are a key factor in fighting for equality.

By covering topics such as gender, sexuality, political views & so on, we are opening the door for discussion and introducing the readers to a different way of thinking.

So who in our opinion are the best 5 LGBTQ+ bloggers? 

Well here it is, it’s been hard to limit it down to five. But here are our top 5 LGBTQ+ bloggers, in no particular order!

IMG_1474 (2)


Sienna is from Norway but lives in London with her girlfriend. She covers many LGBTQ+ issues & documents her life. What stands out to us is that, not only are Sienna & her girlfriend extremely adorable. They show the world that love conquers all. Without a care in the world they live their lives to the fullest, together.

They are inspirational & without knowing it they are helping the LGBTQ+ community see happy sex same relationships in a positive and joyful light. Not ignoring the fact Sienna is an extremely talented writer!



Hiker Therapy is all about loving life & living it to the fullest. Life is an amazing journey & I have never met anyone in my life that loves life as much as Mark. Being a bisexual male, there are many difficult roads to face. But Mark faces them head on in his amazing unicorn t-shirt.

If you need motivation & guidance, then this is definitely the place for you.

Rose & rosie

Rose & Rosie

I mean, it’s pretty obvious we’d have to include these two. Rose & Rosie are LGBTQ+ youtubers, but I’m sure you already know who they are. They have traveled the world talking about all things gay, tackled subjects such as biphobia & continue to help young women come out as lesbian, bisexual and so on.

Thanks to these two I found it easier to accept my sexuality & they deserve to be featured in our top 5!

Gender Gp

Dr Helen Webberley

I came across Dr Helen Webberley via social media & she made a massive impact on us. Her blogs are aimed towards the Transgender community & not only can they help transgender individuals accept themselevs, they can help society understand what it means to be Transgender.

She has developed Gender GP to give online help to Transgender individuals & it’s all free. Dr Helen Webberley is an amazing woman fighting for equality and we adore her!

Live love

Live, Love LGBTQ+

I recently came across this blog & I instantly fell in love with them. They cover a range of topics such as non-binary, asexuality, coming out & so so so much more! Sometimes, you don’t need millions of followers to make a difference. Their educating posts are so good & they truly are an amazing LGBTQ+ blog.

So there we have it, our top 5 LGBTQ+ blogs.

I’m aware that there are 100000+ LGBTQ+ blogs out there doing an amazing job. If I could I’d feature you all, as we are all doing an amazing job.

If you think we should give an LGBTQ+blogger some credit, then let us know. Who is YOUR favorite LGBTQ+ blogger!

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