Homophobic insults, we all experience them along the way. It’s just one of the many beneficial things that us gay’s get to experience… not.

The big question is, what are the worst homophobic insults ever? Out of all of the ones that exist out there, what are the worst ones we’ve heard? Well, you don’t have to worry any longer, we have the answers for you.

‘Being gay is a disease’

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Disease… yeah. Apparently, we carry a disease, which is news to me.  In the past, homosexuality has been considered a mental illness. Which lead to conversion therapy, prescribed drugs, and counseling. But in 1987, homosexuality was finally dropped as an ‘illness’.

It’s crazy to imagine LGBTQ+ people for years went through torture just to be themselves. But it’s 2017 & if you think identifying in the LGBTQ+ community is some sort of disease, then there’s something wrong with you, not us.

‘You choose to be LGBTQ+’

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Identifying as gay, lesbian, trans, genderfluid and so on is no way an option. Why would we choose to constantly be told how to act, what to wear & how to fit into ‘normality’. We don’t get the luxuries of not having to come out, we have to make a whole song and dance to announce our sexuality or gender.

Why would we choose a life that brings so much judgment? There are many arguments, that you can to choose to be gay. Actor Cynitha Nixon, states she ‘chose’ to be gay. To me this is insulting, as many of us wish we didn’t stick out like a sore thumb, we wish we didn’t have to face the bullies just because of our sexuality/gender.

Can you choose to be LGBTQ+? I think not. But each to their own.

‘Homosexuality is contagious’

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Many moons ago, I came across a random blog. In one of the posts, they state homosexuality is contagious and is spreading. In 2017, these views are still around. When I questioned them about how it is ‘contagious’, they got very defensive and tried to show me that the LGBTQ+ youth is ‘infected’ and millennials see it as a trend.

So, let’s put logic behind their thinking. 2017, worldwide countries are voting yes on same-sex marriages & LGBTQ+ individuals seen in the mainstream media alongside other major important milestones. In the last few years, the LGBTQ+ community has become stronger & our rights are considered instead of being treated as second-class citizens.

Does that mean homosexuality has ‘spread’ and that it’s ‘contagious’, hell no. It means we are human & we deserve BASIC human rights. The world is noticing this & after all these years it’s finally waking up. Millennials aren’t starting a trend of identifying in the LGBTQ+, we are starting the trend to treat each others as equal.

‘Stop pushing your lifestyle onto me’

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So let me get this right. Because we are out & proud, living our lives just exactly how we want, we’re now pushing our ‘lifestyle’ onto you?

Firstly, what lifestyle is that? The one where I’m happy & not ashamed of who I am? Or the one where I’m in a relationship with someone of the same sex & although you’re ‘okay’ with LGBTQ+ individuals, you just don’t want to see it?

The second one? I thought so. LGBTQ+ people don’t want to convert you, we don’t actually want to be acknowledged by you. We just want to be able to walk down the street holding our partners hand without the stares & the concept that we are being too much.

‘That’s disgusting’

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To be described as disgusting is a gut-wrenching feeling. Imagine being in public with your partner and being told you’re disgusting. How is that fair?

Any relationship is a beautiful, magical and special thing to admire. Two individuals no matter gender, sexuality, race or religion coming together and making one another happy. You tell me how that is disgusting because I certainly can’t.

I’m fully aware that there are so many insults and comments made out there. If you’ve had a bad experience with homophobic slurs and insults, comment below. Let’s start talking about this, the more we do, we hopefully will show others that it’s not ok to say these things.

If you haven’t already, check out some other posts of ours & join us in uniting the LGBTQ+ community.

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