So my name is Cash Elijah Davis. But I when I was born my name was Cassidy Elizabeth Davis. My parents always knew I was different, a “tomboy” they said. But I always felt different. I remember being 8 years old trying to stand over the toilet and pee like my little brother.

I was always the only girl on the team. Until one day I hit an age where my dad told me I couldn’t play with the guys anymore bc I was going to get hurt. I always resented the fact I was different. In high school when I played softball the baseball team would workout across from us and I always wished I was on their side with their shirts off looking at themselves admiring all their muscles.

I hated being a girl. I hated hating breast almost ALWAYS thou.. Even when I came out as “lesbian” when I was 15 all my girlfriends knew I hated my breast well at least I hated how big they were. My parents were okay with me being gay. For the most part. My dad told he didn’t care if I was gay, just didn’t want me to look like a girl. Well joke was on him, because I cut all my hair off a year later and when I was 18 I started doing drag.

I LOVED doing drag. Docle’ DiArmani was my alter ego. When I finally learned what transgender was I felt like a piece of me was finally found. I knew this was the most confidence I had ever experienced before. And I haven’t that same exact way in a while. But I know once I finally have surgery I will. I am 23 years old now and I am 3 years and 4 months on Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I am the happiest I have ever been. But I have a long way to go. I work at Applebee’s as a manager and it hasn’t being easy getting where I am at now. Just being on a respect level with the people I work with and just being accepted. It’s hard living everyday with always being reminded that you are different.

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