My “coming-out” wasn’t actually the easiest. And to be honest I never really had an ah-hah moment and came out. I just lived. I let things roll out by itself. Of course I always knew I was different. I liked being different. But I didn’t always like what came with it. My childhood was very short lived. I was put in foster care with my sister in our elementary days. I had to grow up. Take care of both of us. At that time sexuality our gender wasn’t on my mind. I was young and worried about living.

Of course it was always in the back of my mind but I certainly didn’t think there was a name for it. Years past we both are adopted into our new family. From middle school to freshman year I was just a tomboy with “lesbian experiences”. That label didn’t sit right with me. And at that time no one knew I even liked girls. My high school years I tried to be girly to appease my parents. Got boyfriends, wore girls clothes, was even on the high school cheer team one year. I was feeling sick.

Being so fake made me feel sick. Junior year rolls around and I cut my hair off, wear what I want to wear, and start dating who I want. Wasn’t till I was trying to find answers on the internet that I came across the word dysphoria. Then came across transgender. Watched many transition videos . It was all sinking in. They actually had a word for who I was. I thought I was alone. My parents kinda found out and I did tell them I was trans. To this day they aren’t supportive of it.

Just about 2 Years On T and I’m falling in love with myself. Now I’m just waiting on top surgery to fit another part of the puzzle

In the USA, Top surgery is not funded by the NHS or any health center, the individuals have to raise the money themselves & this can cost thousands.

This is why gofund me’s are so important to help those trying to create the funds to afford this surgery. Below is the link to Blake-Jordan’s top surgery fund, any donations are highly appreciated as they get him one step closer to achieving their goal.