Brazil has recently passed a law where ‘homosexuality is a disease that could be treated with sexual orientation conversion therapies’

This basically means anyone that identifying as LGBTQ+ is considered to be ill & can be ‘treated’. …? Yes it’s 2017 & this shit is still happening. Brazil, Brazil, Brazil, where do I start? Do you think we chose to be gay for a laugh?

We didn’t chose this life, it chose us.

In all seriousness, this is a frightening step backwards and although we are making giant steps forwards in some countries, others are taking massive steps back. The fact conversion therapy still exists, it’s a scary thought. It’s something my generation luckily never had to witness or go through, until now.

Homosexuality isn’t curable, because there isn’t anything to cure. We are born this way & no matter how many times you protest this is a choice. We do not chose this. Putting a human being through the traumatic experience such as conversion therapy for what, because they love someone of the same sex?

Love is a basic human right, we shouldn’t be punished for experiencing happiness and love. We should embrace it. My heart bleeds for the lgbtq+ community in Brazil because they are being denied the right to love. When will the world wake up. Let us be who we want & love who we want, it’s all we ask for.

How can this be happening in 2017? I honestly can’t comprehend it & the pain individuals in Brazil must be feeling is unreal. The LGBTQ+ is a strong and resilient group of amazing people. This won’t break our strength and it certainly won’t stop us being who we are.

Brazil wake up.