In our heads, we all have a picture of what a typical bisexual is. I bet you’re picturing a woman though, right?

You see, bisexuality is more accepted if you’re a female, If a male identifies as bisexual, he is considered to be gay and that he can’t be bisexual.

Not only is this extremely sexist, it’s belittling the sexuality. Someone’s gender doesn’t affect their sexuality. It’s ridiculous to even think that.

One way to think about it, there are many different breeds of dogs, and they are all different but at the end of the day, they are still a dog.

It’s the same concept as bisexuality, there are so many different ways to identify as bisexual, but no matter what, you’re still bisexual.

To celebrate Bi visibility day, we are showcasing all you beautiful bisexuals out there!


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I’m 20 years old and work in marketing. I came out as bisexual 3 years ago and have never looked back.

Bisexuality to me means that I can be my true self & not worry about what society thinks.



I’m a 17-year-old girl who only recently came to the realization of her sexuality. For me, being bi means being attracted to two or more genders. I chose the bisexual label instead of pansexual simply because it is the one I found first.

Though I do not restrict myself to only male and female, whoever is attractive to me is who is within my orientation.

Finding my orientation has given me a new freedom to explore who I truly am.



I am female, 14, I live in Scotland. I’ve known I was bi for 2 years, I came out this year and everyone took it really well.

A lot of people tell me that I’m really just straight or gay or that I can’t be both and I need to pick one, but overall I love being open about myself and I wish more people understood bisexuality.


I’m 13 and still in middle school. I have a best friend who is also bisexual and they really helped me. I’m in a relationship with a girl and we really love each other.

What being bisexual means to me is not having to choose one gender to love and you can love whoever you want as long as you’re happy.


I’m Kate (she/her or they/them), I’m an American living in Switzerland, I’m still questioning my gender and I’m currently dating a guy.

I identify as bisexual because I’ve always felt more comfortable calling myself bi over pan, despite pan being a better description of my sexuality. To me, bisexuality means that you can be or are attracted to both sexes and gender doesn’t matter. You can love anyone and that’s ok.



I’m Kas, a 14-year-old proud bisexual! Bisexuality to me means being able to fall in love with both men and women, that we’re living proof that life isn’t black or white, gay or straight. We are valid no matter who you’re with or who you like!

I feel like being bisexual is different for each person because there is so much grey area to explore and find out who you are!



I am a bisexual songwriter. I deal with a lot of hate from kids at school because of my sexuality, so I express my feelings through music. I’ve been called rude words and I’ve been humiliated by my peers for being different. It hurts a lot but I won’t ever let that stop me.

I will continue expressing my world through music for as long as I live because I, just like all bisexuals, am strong and brave.



Being bisexual was one of those things I always knew to be good but doubted due to my family’s religious beliefs. I was attracted to both boys and girls since I can remember. However, I did my best not to be, I now see how wrong I was.

Being bisexual is as part of me as being a writer is; being able to love either a man or a woman, is as part of me as any feature of my face.

I came out this pride month to everyone I know. I got hate but I got love too. Prejudice and ignorance usually tend to make life hard for each one of us; they’ll tell you they feel uncomfortable with you because you might fall in love with them (as in just because I like girls I’ll like every girl that comes my way and won’t be able to handle my emotions/desires). They’ll tell you your sexuality is a lie. But they won’t tell you what you, deep in your heart, know better than any of them, that you’re free. And that now thanks to your courage, you’ll always be



I’m Noah, I’m a trans man and I’m 16. I’m an aspiring artist and a huge animal lover with a passion to change the world.

To me, bisexuality is a blessing. To be able to love multiple genders and have all kinds of partners makes for amazing experiences. It also means being a fighter, having to put up with crap from both people outside and inside the community. It’s fighting for greater representation and acceptance.



I’m Sophie and I live in the UK! I am a proud bisexual, being bisexual means being myself. I was confused until I realized.. why not both? We are all beautiful creatures and you deserve the world!



I’m Peyton and bisexuality to me, means who I am.



As someone with depression, even though I may not always remember to be kind to myself, I pride myself on being kind to others. I love to help people and educate others on mental health and LGBT+ issues.

I’ve only been fully aware of my bisexuality for a couple of years but it is a significant part of me. I have a male fiancé but I am so happy that I am comfortable in finding both men and women attractive and beautiful! Bisexuality really is having the best of both worlds!


I have struggled a lot with figuring everything out and I’m still not sure if I can be considered a bisexual. Anyway, this is how it goes for me.

I am definitely biromantic. As for the sexual attraction, I think it can only happen for the same sex if I have strong feelings for them. I’m mostly attracted to the opposite sex but I like to think that I’m open to new possibilities, that I can love anyone regardless of their gender.

I think bisexuality means you are not categorizing everyone into people you can love and people you can’t, based on their gender. It means you can love freely.


I’m Emily and I’m 13. What does bisexuality mean to me? It is empowering to me, to realize that I don’t have to choose if I’m straight or a lesbian.


image1 (1)

My name is Matt and I am 20 years old. My main hobbies and interests can all come back to music. I am the vocalist of a heavy metal band stemming out of North Carolina. Music has helped me through so many things including my coming out process.

Bisexuality to me has so many varied forms of beauty. Being bisexual makes me feel liberated and free to love who I want to love regardless of gender. It gives me the confidence to be who I am no matter what anyone else thinks or says about me.

Being bisexual is not what many people say it is, such as being lustful and overly sexual or “can’t make up your mind”, but rather it’s the opposite. It’s knowing who you are and being confident in the fact that you know that you can feel free to love who you want to, girl or boy. To me, it can be summed up perfectly in one word: liberation.


I am a Christian and a bisexual. This often makes feeling included by either the religious community or the LGBT+ community difficult because I have been harassed by both sides.

I’ve grown up in a conservative, Christian home, and I haven’t been able to come out because of it. My dad makes demeaning comments about LGBT+ people constantly and yells when I try to defend them as an “ally.” For that reason, most of my life, I didn’t even acknowledge that I’m bi because I was so scared and hateful of who I am.

But with the help of my closest ally and best friend, I finally realized that it’s okay to be me. Joining the LGBT+ community has given me so much strength and companionship when things are difficult, but there is a lot of hatred toward religious people (that I understand), but I don’t want to feel from either side like I have to deny who I am to appease the other. It’s especially difficult when people say bisexuals don’t even exist.

I am proud of who I am. I am bi. I will not be erased. I will not accept being mistreated for my sexuality, and I will not accept being ostracized for my religion.



When I was growing up I was always feeling quite confused about who I liked. I went with normality and eventually fell for a boy. It was more of a friendship but I did kiss him. Later on in life, I felt like I had strong feelings for a girl and at about 16 was my first encounter which felt totally natural to me with a massive emotional connection on another level different to boys.

It wasn’t as long lasting as relationships later on in life, I married a man and had 2 children, it didn’t work out, unfortunately. Then I met a woman and was married for 7 years. Unfortunately, she wasn’t happy and left me with our son that we had through a donor. 2 years on from that I’m back with my ex-husband and I’m so happy.

Bisexuality is sometimes difficult but I feel I’m very special and maybe just misunderstood a lot. You can love who you want. It is me and I’m unique.



My name is Cassidy and I’m a 16-year-old college student. I have a passion for music, history, and psychology and I happen to be interested in both my own gender and other genders too.

That’s what bisexuality means to me, attraction to two groups of people, my own gender, and other genders, not just men and women. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m actually pansexual based on my definition of my sexuality, but I just don’t identify with that.

I believe one of the most important things about sexuality is being free to use whatever labels and definitions of those labels you feel most comfortable with.


So I’m late into my 20s. I like comics, Harry Potter, music & playing guitar. I’m not going through “a phase”, nor am I “greedy” & no I don’t have a preference. I wear “boys” clothes & drive fast cars but I like romance as good as the next girl. Being bisexual does not define who I am. It is part of the big picture of who I am.


My bisexual identity started when I was 11 years old. It was 4 years later when I discovered my sexual attraction to girls, so by the age of 16 I had had sexual encounters with both sexes. Both seemed natural for me, I never labeled myself bisexual, I’m not sure I even knew to label it. From then my main attraction was romantically towards females and physically to both sexes. In the era I grew up in, the idea of a male with another male was not accepted.

Now aged 62, society and culture is much more accepting of different sexual orientations. I feel a rebirth, I think part of my being able to share my bisexual identity publicly is due to the times we are living in and the accompanying feeling of support and acceptance. I owe this to the younger generation who are able to be so much more open and accepting of people of all lifestyles, and with an attitude of, whatever turns you on or with whoever. I also feel that due to my being at a point in my life of being genuine with who I am, enables me to come out in recent months much more than previous years.

I suppose I’m the person nobody would assume is bisexual, whatever that means. I am a Dad, a 6’4 white middle of the road republican and bi (pardon pun) all appearances don’t fit the mold of being anything but straight, again whatever that means. But maybe that’s the point, so many “mainstream” people belong to the LGBTQ community, myself included. I’ve known since age 11 that I had a physical attraction to both sexes, it’s only in recent years that I’ve come to realize that I can also have a romantic attraction to men as well as women, something I thought I only had for women. Thus adding evidence to the fact that sexuality is ever evolving, fluid and not something to be kept inside the lines or labeled in a black and white fashion. My being more open about my sexuality is also crossing over to other facets of my life including the work I do, not only with Homeless Veterans and my co-workers, but also my private practice business of Hiker Therapy. Hiker Therapy is my passion and is about hiking, mental health awareness and care and ongoing education, courage and support for the Bisexual Community.

I feel that by being public about my bisexuality on social media platforms I can encourage others in the bisexual community to be who they are.

Someone recently asked me “Mark, how come you don’t identify in the Pansexual Community?” I told her, “It’s taken me about 50 years to feel safe and comfortable as a bisexual male, something that many even in the LGBTQ community don’t easily accept, one step at a time.” But yes, I’m sure for me gender is not how I identify my feelings and attraction for others. It’s not a 50/50 proposition for me. I like who I like, although my sexual attraction needle on the meter does point stronger sometimes from one direction to the other.

At the end of the day, I’m just me, I’ve always been a bisexual me from as far back as I can remember and am finally at a point in my life where I am genuinely living my truth in an open and honest way and that is such a freeing, liberating feeling.

You see, all forms of bisexuality are different. Bisexuality is experienced differently by everyone & no one way is the same.

We are unique and to paint us all with one brush is ridiculous.

Let’s celebrate Bisexuality & embrace the many forms that we come in!

Happy bisexuality week!

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