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Transgender individuals go through a lot of emotional and physical stress, being trapped inside of the wrong body is a heart breaking concept and it’s what many transgender individuals go through.

Recently the transgender community has gained a lot of attention, with the likes of Miles Mckenna and Aydian Dowling raising awareness and creating an amazing community for the younger generations to enter.

I am so happy to see the Trans community gaining exposure and it’s amazing to see.

But.. & there is always a but. For me, there isn’t a lot of exposure for MTF individuals and they aren’t seen over the mainstream media as much. So this post, you may have guessed it. We are having an insight to MTF individuals and showing how amazing our sisters truly are!

Our first insight is from Sam, she’s an aspiring make up artist & identifies as a trans woman.

As someone who grew up in a Muslim family,  it was extremely difficult for me to be true to myself and come out. Since I was 6 or 7, I was devoted to my religion by always meeting the “requirements” from God. I am grateful of these memories and experiences as I learned a lot of good things:

1. Be kind and generous to your neighbour

2. Pray for other people and not for yourself

These were just samples of ways of living that I learned. For some reason, there’s always this feminine side of me that I discovered when I was 13… I used to live with two different faces, the lie when I’m in front of people and the truth when I’m alone.

To be able to BE BRAVE and to be TRUE TO YOURSELF is the best gift you could give to yourself. That is my message to everyone who is still in that phase of life.

Be kind enough to be true to yourself. What people think of you doesn’t really matter the moment you start believing and living your own truth.

You don’t need to reason with yourself when you’re coming out, because there’s no such valid reason that will please everyone. My advice is to come out to people who genuinely care and love you as you will be needing a support system throughout.

No matter what society or religion says, being true to yourself is more important.

Just like with FTM individuals, being transgender is a different experience for everyone. Some may want to fully transition, take hormones or have surgery. Whatever you decide, your identity isn’t defined by how much you have transitioned or if you have transitioned at all. It’s completely down to you.

Now, there are many well-known MTF individuals out there who amazing role models to many MTF individuals (par one but that’s for another day!)

Some of them include Gigi Gorgeous, Princess Joules , Elena Genevi, Laverne Cox, Carmen Carrera and Caitlyn Jenner (although we won’t mention her again)

By having these strong women in the media, they are shaping the way the future generations. Below is an amazing video by Carmen Carrera addressing many issues trans women face.

I believe this is what is needed & although there are these amazing role models, the resources available MTF individuals are still limited compared to FTM.

Maybe I’m searching wrong? But why is this?

Could it be that Trans women aren’t respected?

Could it be with the rise in popularity of Ru Paul’s Drag race, people don’t take trans women seriously?

Could it be that the concept of a male transitioning to female society can’t understand?

What is it that makes MTF individuals forgotten!?!?

There could be genuine reasons, but the lack of resources and help for MTF individuals is scary. It baffles me because these individuals need as much help & guidance as everyone else.

Below are some links I’ve found for MTF individuals transitioning:

Disclaimer: This is just an introductory post, there will be further posts regarding MTF individuals with more in depth information… Stay tuned!

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Let Trans Women Grow – Rachel is a trans woman & when I came across this post it opened my eyes to the world of a trans women. It’s an amazing read and can truly give an insight into the emotions and struggles that a trans woman faces – I recommend reading this article as well as others that Rachel has written.

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5 thoughts

  1. There would be so much to discuss… First of all, I do not agree with the statement that there is a lack of ressources. This is just not true. You just have to sift through all the m2f porn that caters to certain individuals, and you will end up with lots of support groups, both local and online, video tutorials, you name it, you get it. It might be that some of the more valuable resources are kind of hidden, they have existed for decades and are very smart in avoiding the wrong kind of attention.

    But you are point right with your statements:

    Transwomen are not respected, This we share with a lot of cis women, but mainly male society sees an individual who gives up their male privilege to “become a woman” as something puzzling, threatening, and right out insane. Add to it a good measure of homophobia, too many people see transwomen as a kind of super-gay man who wants to attract straight men, and you get the dangerous mix of disrespect, fear and hostility. You have to be very good at what you do, work very hard, and have to have all kinds of privilege, be it race, education, wealth, etc, to be able to pull even.

    Transwomen are ridiculed in the media in general. This is slowly changing, but the media that reach your typical redneck (I do not habe a British word for that) show us still as some funny, exotic, deranged. There are better depictions, i.e. Transamerica, una mujer fantastica, to name a few out of my mind, but those are not that mainstream, and need to be looked for.

    Society as an entity does not understand individuals who transition. Neither f2m nor m2f. However, my feeling is, a person presenting male, with a beard, a deep voice and less tall than average does not stand out as much as a person presenting female, with a shade, and a deep voice, and taller than average. – I do not want to use the “f2m have better passing” phrase, but you get my point – That is one thing. The other thing is, transitioning to male, to the privileged gender, is kind of a promotion. The other way round… please, see the two points above.

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    1. Hello! Thank you for the feedback on our first statement.

      Where we was coming from with this is that on social media there is a lack of representation and compared to FTM individuals, the resources aren’t as vast. – But this is just a personal judgement and I agree I could be wrong.

      All the other statements you make are all valid and important areas that affect trans women.

      When researching for this post, I saw an snippet into a trans women’s life and I was truly unaware of the inequality. As a Cis woman I understand many of the troubles that trans women face, but what we as cis women face is nothing in comparison.

      My personal opinion that trans women and women are heading towards the right direction for equality. We are going to hit bumps along the way but the more we talk about it the better it will get.

      This was just an introduction post into MTF individuals for our readers. We will and are developing more in depth posts to do exactly what we stated, create more awareness.

      If you would like to help up develop this post, then I would love to have you involved. If this is of interested, please email!

      & thank you. I appreciate the feedback & your views on the topic!


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