Since I was a young age I’ve known I was male. I used to always play the male part in school productions, games at break time and even playing out at home.

It felt good, I used to feel so happy. I was always one of the lads, playing football, dare devil haha just a typical lad really. When I got to high school I tried my best to fit in. It never worked and I never felt that I was being the true me.

I moved away for 2 years with my mum. It really made me realise that I shouldn’t be hiding who I really am. So I moved back to my hometown and I came out via Facebook.

I was transgender and I am a boy. Everyone was so accepting and still continue to support me through it all. I am pre everything right now and I have been waiting for near enough 3 years. I am months away from my hormones but it is so hard. But I’m carrying on.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be true to who you are. Say how you feel. Today is better than tomorrow, do you. Be you. People can surprise you, you think your going to be judged and victimised. But they can be so accepting.

There’s always someone who is going to support you, always. Never hide who you truly are.

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