The LGBTQ community is full of loving and caring individuals who make you feel at home and accepted.

But there is another side to the LGBTQ community that I am seeing more and more of. This side is our own actual members of the community discriminating against our own people. Not only does this baffle me, it’s upsetting to think that individuals are being made not welcome into a community which is all about being yourself.

The trouble is, we think that we know everything about the LGBTQ community.

If a woman looks too feminine, she can’t be a lesbian.

If a bisexual woman is in a relationship with a man, she isn’t bisexual.

If an asexual is in a romantic relationship, are they really asexual?

All these statements, don’t matter. Sexuality and gender are all experienced differently, so who are we to tell an individual they are doing it wrong? There is no right way to identify in the LGBTQ+ community. There is not a rule list to oblige by & there is no set of standards to live by.

The beauty of the LGBTQ+ community is that you can be you with individuals who share similar characteristics. You don’t have to worry about homophobic comments and having to shy away from being your true self.

We are all fighting for the same rights, towards the same goal. We shouldn’t be telling others that they aren’t a specific sexuality label because they don’t fit the stereotype we believe they should.

We are all different, all unique. Just because you experienced being trans, gay, lesbian, asexual or even non-binary differently, doesn’t diminish someone else’s sexuality or gender. As a community and as human beings, we need to learn and question something we don’t understand.

I spent hours researching non-binary individuals because it was something I didn’t quite understand the concept of. (With this in mind I fully supported any individual who identified within the non-binary umbrella as they are part of the LGBTQ community and I support anyone who identifies within)

Now, I fully understand and can use the knowledge I learned to help others learn. I wish this was done more if someone doesn’t understand a sexuality or gender. Research it, ask questions and gain a better understanding.

We need to stop telling people how to experience their sexuality and gender. Let them be themselves and figure it out. Who is anyone to say you can’t be LGBTQ+ because you look or act a certain way?

My advice to those who do this, get over yourself.

You may be experiencing your sexuality or gender a certain way. But don’t think it’s the right way, it’s your way.

Let others live their lives & let’s start supporting each other. At the end of the day, we are all we have.

The Unite Team

Little disclaimer: We are all about spreading love & hopefully together we can make a difference. The last couple of days it has annoyed & upset me seeing the number of harmful comments made by our own community to others. Let’s share love & not hate!

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