Ren Stedmen

Our winner Ren is an amazing individual raising money for his top surgery.

With his passion for music and travelling, he is currently touring the world playing folk music as well as this dedicating his time as a support worker for adults with serve learning and physical difficulties.

So how can you help ren raise money for his top surgery?

His new song called ‘love wins’- All the money from downloads is to help raise money for his top surgery, which he desperately needs.

In the past ren has raised thousands and thousands for all different types of charities, but now is time to focus on himself.

We asked ren, how will this money and top surgery change your life?
Having top surgery will change my life, I have huge amounts of anxieties regarding my chest. By raising money for my top surgery, I can then go back to raising money for other people and other causes who really need the money. I’ve had to put this on hold to try save up for my surgery.

76.6% of trans individual deal with body dysphoria, the concept of being trapped in your own body is unimaginable. Top surgery relives this anxiety around the chest & allows individuals such as ren feel comfortable in their own body.

This surgery isn’t something that is affordable and a helping hand is needed to help those who can’t have it through doctors and surgeries. This is why we are here and why we would love for you to help Ren become the man he truly is.

Download ‘Love Wins’ to help Ren!