As we have seen with many other sexualities, there are some ridiculous myths and stereotypes surrounding gay men. So let’s bust some of these myths and prove that you can’t paint one group with the same brush!

”Men become gay due to childhood trauma or abuse”

As we all know, there are still a lot of anti gay rights activists out there and some of them claim that homosexuality is a ‘mental disorder’ resulting from childhood trauma or abuse. They may even use this argument to counter the truth that sexuality is not a choice!

Of course, there will be some cases where someone who was abused as a child is gay but it is not due to that! We are all born as we are, whether that means we are straight, gay, bisexual etc., it is part of us but life experiences do not determine our sexuality.

There will always be a minority of people who can’t accept homosexuality for whatever reason and this proves that they will do their best to come up with ridiculous statements to try and justify their distorted views.

”All gay men are feminine/camp”

This seems to be one of the major stereotypes I’ve noticed within the LGBT+ community. At some point or other, we’ve all heard someone say ‘oh my god I’ve always wanted a gay best friend, you can be mine!’., as they think just because a guy is gay they’re going to love shopping and have amazing fashion sense.

The fact that people think male homosexuality is linked to femininity is quite bizarre. Obviously, some gay men do dress or act what society would label as ‘feminine’. But you can’t paint them all with the same brush! There are gay men out there who definitely do not fit the stereotype of a ‘camp gay man’, it’s crazy to assume that all of them would have the same style or look.

Just like straight people, homosexual people also have their own identity, they are all individuals and it is impossible for a sexuality to have a certain ‘look’!

”Gay men are promiscuous and sex-obsessed”

For some reason, there is the strange assumption that gay men are sex wild, can’t control their desires and will hop on any man in an instant.

Let’s see the bigger picture here – sexual desires and promiscuity is a natural human thing and cannot be specifically tied down to one type of person or a sexuality. Just like straight people are not sexually attracted to every person they see of the opposite sex, gay men also have sexual preferences and do not desire to have sex with all men, crazy I know!!

This stereotype also brings about the idea that gay men find it hard to commit to a relationship. I personally can’t see the correlation between sexuality and someone’s commitment or relationship desires but hey! Always going to be some people who like to have strange views on things.

Your sexuality does not define whether you want a relationship or if you are able to commit to a relationship, they’re all down to personal attributes.

”Gay men are into drag”

Much like the myth that gay men are feminine and camp, there is also the idea that just because someone is gay, they’re automatically into drag.

Drag queens are men that dress up and perform as women for entertainment purposes, they are artists who live normal lives as men and just enjoy doing drag for fun. Of course, you will find some drag queens who are in fact gay but this does not mean that all gay men are into drag!

Like we have said, a lot of gay guys look and act like what society would see as a ‘macho man’, so can we really claim that all drag queens are gay, that all gay men love drag and that gay men have a certain style? Definitely not!!

These cover just a few of the stereotypes that gay men have to tackle all the time, we are working on busting society’s norms and breaking stereotypes that are forced upon the LGBT+ community!

We now have a new campaign up and running where the aim is to help individuals break out of their stereotype and show the world that we are all unique. We’ve already had some amazing people get involved and we want to grow this project further!

Are you sick and tired of being painted with the same brush? E.g. ‘Bisexuals are greedy’, ‘Non-Binary people are confused’, ‘All lesbians hate men’. Let me know & let’s break these boundaries together!

The Unite Team

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