The most common misconception about Genderfluid individuals is that they don’t exist. But this is far from the truth, in fact, there are thousands of us throughout the world & we are very much real.

The first step in understanding Genderfluid individuals is to understand the term ‘Genderfluid’ and what it actually means.

Genderfluid people are part of the nonbinary umbrella. But instead of gender being static, genderfluidity describes the possibility of switching. Genderfluid people describe their gender as changing, as being fluid, thus the term.

In basic terms, Genderfluid individuals ‘switch’ between genders, thus meaning that their gender is fluid.

There recently has been a lot of exposure towards these individuals including TV series, YouTube videos & news articles. But this has had both a positive and negative effect.

The most obvious positive effect is that there is a lot more exposure meaning that society as a whole is more educated on the subject & is aware of what it means to be genderfluid. However, as shown on the thumbnail. Genderfluidity is being seen as a phase. When typing into google ‘Genderfluid is…’ this is the response:

As like anything, exposure can result in negative responses. Genderfluidity is being seen as a trend or a made up term and alarmingly it’s resulting in individuals inside and outside of the LGBTQ belittling those who identify under this label.

Below, is a statement from Aurel who identifies as Genderfluid.


Gender-fluid is a gender identify which is on the non-binary spectrum. A gender-fluid person is someone whose identify varies over time. For example, one day they are on one side of the spectrum, the next they are on the other.

They just sometimes identify as a boy, sometimes as a girl and sometimes as neither/something in between. Each gender-fluid persons experience is different, it fluctuates between different genders at different times.

Gender-fluid people face a lot of hate, but they didn’t chose to be like this. You don’t need to figure everything out now. It’s okay to change labels, being gender-fluid can be confusing sometimes. It’s okay to find out later that other labels fit you more.

As well, don’t let others judge you, your gender is your business and you’re valid!

Am I Genderfluid?

Your gender identification is your own unique way of expressing who you are. As Aruel states, it’s not something you chose to identify as, it’s natural and there is no right way to experience being gender fluid.

It’s something that is very real and is experienced by individuals all over the world. Gender norms are something society has imposed on us for centuries. But we can and will break out of them.

Recently, Pink spoke amazing words in telling her daughter she is beautiful. If you are questioning your gender and hate that you look to ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ watch below.

Don’t change who you are to fit into societies norms, express yourself and let’s make a change for the future generations.

If you are struggling to accept that you may be Genderfluid or any gender identification label, then reach out. We will help you as much as we can.

The Unite Team

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