LGBTQ relationships are ones that always seem to have myths and stereotypes lurking around, waiting for a comment from an uneducated plonker.

So, what are these ridiculous myths and stereotypes we all hear whilst being in an LGBTQ relationship I hear you ask? Because sadly there are so many, we have chosen a select few to feature today!

Gay Men / Lesbians

In these relationships, there is the misconception that there is a manly individual and a more feminine individual. This is an issue, as the main point of same-sex relationships is that there is no one of the opposite sex.

Lesbians do not want a man, so the conception that there is a ‘manly’ partner is trying to normalize lesbian relationships for those who aren’t fully there yet. The same concept applies to gay relationships. When two men are together, they aren’t looking for a female substitute. As they are gay & therefore aren’t attracted to women…

Sometimes this is the case and there are relationships where one is more feminine or manly than their partner. But to stereotype ‘all’ lesbian and gay relationships with this misconception shows how ignorant you truly are.

The fact that this exists shows how society still tries to push the ‘normal’ relationship standards of man and woman onto LGBTQ relationships.

Bisexual Individuals

When in a relationship with a bisexual, there are many confusing rumors that honestly baffle me as to how they’ve come about.

According to many rumors, bisexual individuals are cheats and cannot be trusted. Sadly, some people actually believe this!

If an individual cheats, that’s down to their morals. Not because they are bisexual. Sexuality doesn’t define someone’s values and if they cheat or not. They are a dirtbag but don’t go blaming their sexuality for that!

Trans Individuals

It has been said when dating a trans individual it’s the ‘best of both worlds’ This is looking at the individual having the sex previous to their transition. For example, a straight woman may want to date an FTM individual due them being born as a female.

“I’ve heard some girls say a trans man would be the perfect man because they can relate to women. Regardless of our bodies, in our heads we’ve never been female. If only I understood women as much as people may think I do!”

Not only is this ridiculous, it’s extremely offensive & can be really damaging to a trans individual.

It’s important to remember, these individuals are trapped in the wrong body, so the myth that they can understand their birth gender is ridiculous!

Asexual Individuals

Those who identify with asexuality, have been seen that they don’t want sex, a relationship or love.

But this isn’t true! There are many different ways individuals experience asexuality.

For those that need a dictionary definition, asexual is an orientation where people do not feel sexual attraction.

  • You can be hetero-romantic or homo-romantic – wishing to have relationships with either the opposite or same gender.
  • Biromantic is both.
  • Panromantic is loving someone irrespective of gender.
  • Aromantic asexuals are people who do not want a relationship or sex.

After all, you can have sex without love. Why can’t you have love without sex?

Asexuals are human beings and the myth that they won’t love or have romantic feelings for others is wrong on so many levels.

These cover just a few of the common Stereotypes that we often hear toward the LGBTQ community.

You may be thinking, where are the rest of the LGBTQ community representation? Don’t you worry! Whilst writing this blog post, I realised that these stereotypes are seen throughout the community & it’s a big topic. I want to approach this head on.

I’m running a new project for LGBTQ individuals to break out of their stereotype, we’re looking to break some stereotypes, push some boundaries and make a difference. We already have over 50+ individuals involved & we want to grow this more.

Are you sick and tired of being painted with the same brush? E.g. ‘Bisexuals are greedy’, ‘Non-Binary people are confused’, ‘All lesbians hate men’. Let me know & let’s break these boundaries together!

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