Bisexuality, a sexuality label that has seen a lot of negativity throughout the years. There are many myths and false assumptions of individuals who identify in this label. As a bisexual female, it annoys me when I’m asked these top 5 questions. I’m bisexual, end of!

1. Bisexual people are ‘greedy’

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How did they know? I’m forever sitting on the fence eating my cake.  Such a typical bisexual.

This myth stems from the fact that bisexual people are attracted to both men & women. Apparently this makes them greedy as they can’t make up their mind. Bisexual individuals are just attracted to these genders, it’s their preference.

What this means is that they are being themselves & it has nothing to do with anyone else how they express their sexuality. Bisexuality is different for every individual & you can’t judge someone’s experience to stereotype all bisexuals.

Bisexuality isn’t being greedy or not making their mind up, it’s being attracted to both male & female individuals.  Instead on focusing on bisexuality, why don’t you make your mind if you’re going to a moron today or not???

2. ‘Bisexuality is a transition stage’

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When I came out bisexual, it was more than likely assumed I would down the line transform into a raging homosexual.

Bisexuality for some has been used as a transition stage as when you come out you feel like this will be more acceptable than being gay, lesbian, etc… Which is perfectly fine, but for myself and other bisexuals, it’s made a certain few think that it’s just a transition period.

Bisexuality exists & as far as I’m aware I haven’t changed, im still bisexual.

3. ‘Bisexual people are more likely to cheat’

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Because this makes soooo much sense. If you are bisexual, you’re a cheat!!!!

The fact that this is even a thing, just proves who ever fabricated these rumours is an idiot. Cheating is down to that individual, not a sexuality label. If you believe this, have a reality check.

4. ‘Bisexuals are attracted to everyone ‘

giphy (9)

… damn. You got me. I have to stay indoors because if I’m let out I just fancy everyone and anyone.

Weirdly, standards still exist even when you are bisexual. The misconception that bisexuals will fancy you is not only big headed but ridiculous as well.  I’m bisexual and still not into you.

5. ‘Bisexuals only want sex’

giphy (10)

Do I even need to address this one? Ugh.

Just because someone identifies as bisexual, doesn’t mean all they want is sex. How does this even make sense? Because we are attracted to two sexes it means we want to have sex all the time???????? God.

I hope one day I wont have to explain how I’m bisexual with a girlfriend. As society can’t seem to understand that??

A bisexual, with a girlfriend…. What!!?!?! That can’t be happening!!!

giphy (12).gif

It’s happening hunny & bisexuality is real. Be proud of your bisexuality and don’t let anyone tell you how you should identify within that label. We all experience it differently and never compare yourself with someone else.

Don’t ever feel the need to justify your sexuality label to someone, if they don’t understand. Move on. They’re not worth your time.

I am a proud bisexual & I’m proud to identify within this label

The Unite Team- Charl

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  1. Yes! Thanks for ‘debunking’ those myths. They really are the most common things you hear. I get that a straight/gay person dating a bi person might have some questions in general… But these myths are just stupid.. Anyways, I linked to this article for my recent post 🙂

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