Skoliosexual describes a potential sexual attraction to non-binary identified individuals.

This does not generally describe an attraction to specific genitalia or birth assignments but rather is an inclusive term.

When looking for further information regarding Skoliosexuality, there were elaborate theories relating to the Greek translation for Queer was Skolio. In other terms meaning ‘bent’ or ‘curved’, hence the medical back term Scoliosis. But due to the fact that this is a medical term & nothing to do with sexuality, this theory may be incorrect. With little history to the sexuality label it shows that this term is relatively new.

Another area to consider is that some individuals consider the term Skoliosexual problematic.

Skoliosexual means that you are sexually attracted to nonbinary people. However, how can you identify that someone is nonbinary without asking them? The answer is that you can’t. Which means skoliosexuality falls into two potential categories: it either stereotypes that all nonbinary people present in a certain way, or it fetishizes nonbinary people because you would be attracted solely to the fact that they are nonbinary, because you wouldn’t be attracted to them before you found out they are. 


Rose from Non-binary support, raises questions that may suggest that Skoliosexuality is sexualising non-binary individuals. Which if this the case, is this something we want to be promoting?

So what does this mean?

It means that there isn’t enough information to truly have an opinion on what skoliosexuality. All we know so far that this sexuality label means that individuals have preferences to those who identify as non-binary.

In the next few years, hopefully more research & resources will be available to truly understand skoliosexuality.

Until then we have to respect those who identify within this label, everyone’s sexuality is valid and it’s unfair to make anyone feel invalid.

If you or someone you know identifies as skiolosexual, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

The Unite Team.

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