When transitioning from female to male (FTM) you may experience body dysphoria. In this post, we will be looking at FTM dysphoria & ways you can help relieve your dysphoria with tips from the transgender community.

Definition: Body dysphoria is a feeling of distress or discomfort with how you look – for a trans guy your body may hold more female characteristics which do not fit your gender identity.

Body dysphoria is a common occurrence and if you are experiencing this, don’t be alarmed. You are not abnormal. In simple terms, you are trapped inside of a body that doesn’t fit your gender identity & it’s common to feel this. There are many ways to help your body dysphoria & we’re going to cover just a few to help you out.


Binding helps those who experience dysphoria of the chest. Binding gives the illusion of a male chest, helping those who haven’t had top surgery.

It’s important to know how to bind safely, as binding incorrectly can effect your breathing, rib cage and your well-being. This is something important to avoid. Below is a video of a Trans guy called Jaydn, if you are interested in how to bind safely, give it a watch.

Echoing what Jaydn has covered, it’s important to correctly bind. There are many home made & alternative ways that although may be cheaper and maybe quicker alternatives, these may affect your health.

We did some research into what is the best binder out there and the results came back. Here are our top 2 Binders:

1. GC2B Half Binder

2. FLAVNT Bareskin Binder

These are just two out of the many out there & there are many alternative ways you can bind. For example, the sports bra method is one that is used & although not as effective as a binder, can still help relieve some dysphoria. When you are binding make sure it is safe & you aren’t going to damage yourself.


Packing is the term used for  when a trans man uses something in their underwear to create the appearance of a bulge. So trans guys might use something like socks or if they have one, a purpose made packer that is made to look like a penis.

There are many useful tips & advice from trans guys on YouTube on how to pack. Which is my best advice on how to figure out what you are looking for & their opinions on how well it packed. There are so many different packers, it’s important to do some research on what you are looking for, as their many variations of packers & some may cost a lot of money!

Here are just a few packing video’s I have found:

Ty Turner- FTM All About Packing

Chase- DIY Packer

Sam Barnes- Packing 101

But packing isn’t for everyone & some say it increases their dysphoria as it reminds them as they don’t have the genitals they want. I have found a great video by Aydian Dowling explaining why he doesn’t pack.

It is really down to the individual on how you deal with your body dysphoria. Packing is down to preference and what feels right to you. There are so many alternatives to packing, such as not even packing at all as well as bottom surgery.

But make sure whatever route you go down, that is suits you best. Do extensive research & figure out what is going to make you the happiest!

Further help for FTM Body Dysphoria

Both Packing & Binding is both down to you & whether you want to use either method. Body Dysphoria is very real & feeling trapped inside of your own body is heartbreaking, but it won’t always be like this.

Finding ways to cope with your dysphoria may be a long and hard journey. Your dysphoria may never go away, but finding how to cope with it, is the next step forward. We hope this has some what helped with any questions, but if you have now got more questions than ever! Get in touch & we will point you in the right direction!

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