3030 SeriesI’m excited to announce the collaboration and the release of the 3030 series, which is available to watch on Revery on the 30th of June.

3030 Series is a 30-minute sitcom web series centred around plutonic lesbian roommates in modern day Las Vegas.
When I first found out this amazing project was happening, it’d made me so happy. The 3030 series, is just what we need in today’s society and I am so privileged to have these amazing individuals on board.

We are privileged to have these amazing individuals featuring on Unite UK!

I’d like to introduce:

Onyx Keesha – Director of 3030

B. Danielle Watkins – Creator, Writer and Star

Serrita Coleman- Co-creator and Star

Erik Dillon – Co-Star

Nor- Co-Star

Dee Hysaw- Co-Star

Welcome to Unite UK all, I’d like to be the first to say, this is crazy exciting for me and I’m honoured to have you on my site!


Danielle, where did you get the idea of 3030 series from?

Well, one night Serrita and I were on the phone cackling as we usually are, and we began discussing all of the things we’ve encountered in our 15+ years of friendship.  Somehow we got to a place where I said, I have a platform to make this a show, if I do this we have to play ourselves.  She agreed. Now there is a 3030 sitcom making a mockery of the things we’ve really done (hahaha).

It must be amazing to be able to work with all these talented individuals, what is the most memorable memory so far?

Amazing is an understatement.  These people mean the world to me, and are so dear to me not only in a business sense but in my personal world. I consider myself blessed to have them with me on this journey, and that ties in with my most memorable moment thus far.  The day of our full cast read through, photo shoot, and the night before our first day of filming, Onyx had us go around the room and say why we were there.  I get overwhelmed with emotion thinking about it now.  They all (Nor, Serrita, Erik, and Dee) said they were there not for themselves, but because of what they saw in me. They did this for me, and because of that everything I do now is for them.

What advice would you give to someone with the same goals & dreams as you?

Every time I am asked this, my answer never varies; do that shit! The only person stopping your dreams from coming true is you. Manifestation is real, if you can see it you can achieve it, by any means necessary. Sacrifice is temporary as long as you continue to work hard, there is nothing in your way.

Oynx, I’ve seen you’ve accomplished a lot in your career, what would you say is the moment your are most proud of?

There have been so many moments over the years that I have been overwhelmed with pride and also humbled by the support I have gotten, it is really hard to choose just one. I will say this though, whenever I can witness my cast and crew sitting in a theater seeing all the hard work they put into a project on the screen, are times I truly cherish. In those moments I am the proudest, proud of the “coming together” that happens when you create, proud of the obstacles everyone overcame to be able to see the finished product on screen, proud that we did it. I look forward to many more moments like these in the future.

What are you hopes and goals for the 3030 Series?

Man, 3030 is a game changer. First I am really proud of my cast with the majority of them being first time actors, watching them “get it” and really authentically become their characters was amazing to watch, directing them was beautiful journey.  I believe the audience will really resonate with the stars of the show. 3030 shows the world that lesbian women of color love, hurt, want, need, laugh, cry, that we have a place in the world of Queer cinema, not only queer cinema but in this industry period. We have stories to tell, and the beauty is that our stories are all similar, ya know. When we no longer see those lines that divide us, we see that we have more in common that we think. 3030 to me is the show that will do that, you do not need to be a lesbian woman of color to enjoy the series. It crosses those lines, it is really gives us all an opportunity to laugh together.


Serrita, how are you finding your first acting role?

It was a challenge in the beginning, after the first 12hr day and several takes, I eventually got the hang of it.

What do you think the future holds for yourself?

Definitely more of Zola Carter, but beyond that I’m not entirely sure.


What has it been like always being in the limelight?

It’s an amazing experience. I’ve worked hard my entire career to be known for what I do. It’s nice to walk down the street and someone recognize you and want to take a pic. It’s definitely humbling and I’m grateful for it.

How is life in the music industry & how does it compare to acting?

It’s way different being an actor then an emcee.  My music is my truest self where I tell my personal stories where acting is where I get to tell someone else’s story. Acting is a meditation you must tap into a different part of your consciousness and abandon all your fears and comforts.  However, both leave you vulnerable just in different ways.


I am so excited to watch the 3030 series, but what was your favourite scene to film?

B. Danielle – My favourite scene to film… I have two. When I got to splash water in Serrita’s face in the club, and then I got to smoother her on the couch. See the theme there?

Serrita-I think my favourite scene to film was the bedroom scene with Tyler and Rocky. I don’t want to give too much away…but yeah that was by far my favourite scene.

Erik – My favourite scene to film was anyone where I get to call Zola and Ty out for something crazy they are or have done. Let’s just say there are a few scenes like that…you have to keep your friends honest.

Dee – I would have to say my favourite film scene is with Tyler and Leigh argument.

Nor – I loved the scene when I “Rocky” come back to Vegas and Tyler slams the door in my face.  We have this moment of intense closeness even though she wants nothing to do with me lol.

Onyx – Lord, my favourite scene to direct was the ginger ale mug scene, I do not want to give too much away but it was pure comedy, in part because of how the stars executed the scene, but also because it is so much like real life…  too funny.


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