Pride, a time to celebrate equality and love. It’s a place where you can truly relax and be yourself. But if you’ve never been to a pride before, it can be quite daunting.

I know the feeling ‘what do I wear‘, ‘is this too much glitter?‘ ‘Can I really dress up as a unicorn’ (hell yeah). But all these important questions, unanswered… until now.


Although extremely cringey, it’s completely true. Pride may be the only time where you are surrounded by people who know the struggles about being LGBTQ+. Express yourself any way you like, dress up as that magical unicorn, be anything you want. Truly express yourself in any way possible.

Pride is the one place in the world where I felt I could truly be me, no one there was judging me, or looking at me and my girlfriend. You could truly unwind and be with a loving and caring community, don’t hold back. If you can be your crazy self anywhere in the world, Pride is the place.


Glitter is amazing and at Pride you want to be a dazzling glitter ball. Go ape s**t on that stuff, bulk buy and cover yourself head to toe. Glitter allows you to shine through and show your inner sparkling self.

There are many cheap sites to get amazing glitter from, places such as Amazon and Asos do really cool glitter bundles. As well, it’s so easy to apply! You can use eyelash glue or special glitter glue, it’s completely up to you!


I wish someone had told us this before we went! Pride is a busy place and portaloo’s quickly become gross. I recommend taking rolls and rolls, but that’s obviously not possible!

Ensure you have some to hand, we don’t want a messy mistake now.. do we!


Obvious, but true. Pride is a busy event, it can get super crowded. I suggest always arrange a meeting point with whoever you go with, this way if you get lost you can quickly re-group.

I found that because of the number of people that was at Pride this year, my phone signal was awful. So don’t always rely on technology, it lets you down!


Lastly, but most importantly. Don’t worry about what is going on with the world, you are at Pride celebrating life, equality, love, peace… the list goes on. Pride is about being proud of yourself. Forget about the world and celebrate the love and equality the LGBTQ community is all about.

Pride is a time to let go and have fun, I hope you all have an amazing pride!

For those who would like further information about Pride Events or advice on area’s we did not cover, ask away & we’ll be happy to help!

The Unite Team 

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    1. Hahaha I’m so jel! I really want to go Brighton Pride, you’ll have to tell me how you get on 😊 We’ve just recovered from Birmingham Pride, was truly amazing… apart from the loo roll situation haha x

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