What was ‘Coming out’ like for you?

It was hard at first. I was still coming into myself and having, to be honest about who I was as a person along with defining my sexuality at the same time was no easy task.

My mother claimed she knew the whole time because she found a box of letters in a shoe box under the bed and was reading them while I was in school. My grandmother was hurt and damned me to hell for a little while. We didn’t speak for a little while.

What would you say to your younger self if you were to come out again?

It was hard for her to accept in the beginning but I’m proud of her now though, she not only accepts me but all my friends as well.You’re stronger than you realise and you’re not alone, keep going!

What do you feel like society can do to help the youth of the LGBTQ community?

Continue to educate the community, continue the pride events, and supporting our own. It’s important to those who feel alone to know there are proud, and happy people apart of the community and I think it’s important for that young person or old to see that it’s ok to live your truth.

You’re all role model to the LGBTQ community but who is your role model within the LGBTQ community?

It may sound cliché, but who doesn’t love Ellen DeGeneres. I’m also of a fan of Ilene Chaiken and the other creators of L word and Patrick Ian Polk.

About Serrita

Serrita Coleman was born January 30, 1984 in Chicago, Illinois. Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where she graduated high school.

She attended San Jose City college on a partial scholarship for basketball. In 2009 she enlisted in the U.S Navy and is currently serving in the medical field based in Southern California.

Though more comfortable behind the scenes of movie making, in late 2015, she and her best friend of 15+ years, Filmmaker and Author B. Danielle Watkins, laughed about the things they’d been through in their friendship. 

In the end of the conversation a new LGBT sitcom, 3030, was born and Coleman was thrust into the starring role of the funny and loving Zola Carter.  It is first and only role so far, but is excited for what the future holds in the industry.