Unite Uk- Koda

Koda was kind enough to share her story with us – coming out can be scary but in the end, it’s worth it and those who love you will stand by you.

In 4th Grade I started liking girls and not just boys. I kept it to myself for 2 years until one of my friends had come out as bisexual, I felt like no one would accept me until then.

After I saw how most of my friends were okay with her sexuality and that they still hung out with her I then came out to my friends the next year. They were so understanding and still loved me for me, some didn’t but I was ok with that.

That same year I created an Instagram account about me coming out and I talked to so many people that helped and encouraged me to come out to my family which was hard as some of them didn’t support the LGBTQ+ community. However, at the end of that year I told them I was bisexual. Some were ok after a while and said they wouldn’t judge me and I even had a family member who was part of the LGBTQ+ community too.

Always love yourself and don’t let other’s opinions affect you. Love is love.

This great story shows once again how important it is to always be yourself, don’t try to bury your feelings, embrace yourself!

The Unite Team

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