”Transgender people choose to be transgender”

Is being transgender a choice? The quick answer is NO! Why would someone CHOOSE to have a hard life? Why would someone choose to possibly give up their family and friends?

Answer me this: How did you figure out your favourite colour? How old were you when you knew it was your favourite colour? …YOU SIMPLY JUST KNEW

It’s the same thing with transgender people. As a young kid, I knew I was different from the girls I was around. Did I know I was TRANSGENDER…maybe not. But I knew in my heart that I was a boy and I expressed that in the best way I knew how; how I dressed, how I acted, and even the toys I played with. It honestly wasn’t until I had gotten to college that I knew what the term transgender meant. After watching the I am Jazz show I knew what I had felt all these years had a name; TRANSGENDER.  So for all of my transgender brothers and sisters, the next time someone asks you “how did you know or when did you know you were transgender?” Ask them when and how they figured out their favourite colour or whether they liked boys are girls and see how many people you stump. 

As a community, we need to accept people for their differences and let them bring us together rather than tear us apart.